Before you decide John Kerry is your man, read these!

Submitted by John C on 01/20/2004. ( Just for you Cecil, the truth! )

We need to stand with them -- and stand up to the NRA. I"ve done that throughout my career -- and I"ll do it again as President."


Kerry Stands Up to NRA's Divisive Agenda in Letter to Blacklisted Americans

Democratic candidate for President John Kerry wrote a letter to the hundreds of individuals, celebrities, authors, religious organizations, and businesses blacklisted by the NRA, to join him in standing up to the divisive agenda of the gun lobby and standing up for gun safety.

Sign the Stop the NRA Petition
Yep a bit if cut and paste for those who think John Kerry is a good guy.

He will also close the gun show loophole, which is allowing criminals to get access to guns at gun shows without background checks, fix the background check system, which is in a serious state of disrepair, and require that all handguns be sold with a child safety lock.

Here is Cecil's link:

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George Roof says cut and paste is for liberals

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/20/2004. ( )

"Just like a liberal puke, cut and paste.
This response submitted by George on 01/16/2004. ( ) "

Are your really a liberal John? Come on, it's O.K. to come out of the closet. LOL

Yea, right I am Lesbian, I like women way to much.

This response submitted by John C on 01/21/2004. ( )

Oh you said leber what? I not a leper either.

Cecil what did you learn in college? Must have been a very liberal arts degree. You raise some nice fish but I somethimes wonder how?

Seemingly you have a brain and have a good intellect, but you also have miss fires along the neuralogical pathways.

Do you have twitches with those siezures? Are you still allowed to drive? If so I am staying away from Indiana!

What meds are you on, this is just incase we need to call 911 for you.

You do understand if they get my guns its going to cost them. But then they will come after your fishing rods too.

How can you be such a deadhead liberal and not be a tree hugging bunny smucker?

See Cecil somethings not right!

Do you hear voices? "Help Cecil Help!" then do you respond "Hang on Beeny boy!"

You're learning from George, John

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/21/2004. ( )

Read rule # 4 which you so eloquently posted sometime back.

How to Cook Wild Duck?

This response submitted by Vi on 01/21/2004. ( )

Dear George Roof:
Can you tell me where I can get a recipe to roast a wild duck that is not tough as shoe leather. I love the taste of wild duck sandwiches, but I can not cook a good tender duck. Thanks very much.

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