What about joined G1 and G2

Submitted by Roark on 01/16/2004. ( aroark4@cox.net )

I have a deer whitetail deer's rack that the G1 and G2 are joined together at the base on the left antler. Does the antler have form a figure eight where it joins the main beam to be considered two seperate points. If in fact this qualifies the points as seperate and not a forked G2, the deer rack will net 187 B&C typical. If the fork is a nontypical, then we have to go another direction with a 197 net B&C nontypical. I would much rather have a typical.

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Hard to say without seeing it, but.............

This response submitted by Don on 01/17/2004. ( )

If you do not have a matched point on the other beam then it is a non-typical point and will be a deduction.
If the G2 is in the G2 position, but is joined with the G1 the lengths of both will be measured from a line at the top of the beam which in this case would be right at the bottom of the "V" where the two points join. The H2 will be taken between the G1 and G2 at that same point so you will gain what you lost in length.
With a rack the size you "think" you have, take it to an appointed official measurer and have it scored. Check B&C's web page for more info. They have a on-line score sheet.

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