Hubble Telescope First Causulty of Bush Space Plan

Submitted by Dale on 01/17/2004. ( )

Is this sheer stupidity or what?

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Stupid all right

This response submitted by George on 01/17/2004. ( )

Guess since you could only read CNN or the headline, you skipped all the other information again, huh, Dale. Seems like the shuttle missions go away in 2010 so it would have happened then anyway. And the NASA director said that though it was "sad" it would be in the best interests of the space mission. DID YOU MISS THAT? Throwing money at projects is what sickens me about Liberals. There's DARE, NEA (both of them) and EEOC (which is a fancy term for reverse discrimination). So you cry about not spending billions of more dollars to upgrade a satelite which will have to be eliminated in 6 more years anyway? In case the thought slipped your mind, the only reason there IS a Hubble is because there was no stable platform outside the Earth's atmosphere to support the mirror and lens so it was put in a satellite. IF we had a permanent space station, a platform on the moon or a platform on Mars, we wouldn't NEED the Hubble. But being a good Liberal, you want it ALL, don't you?

And Cecil

This response submitted by George on 01/17/2004. ( )

You can dress a dog up anyway you want, but it won't stop you from being a dog.

Again George, Read Rule number 4

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/17/2004. ( )

And if you REALLY bothered to read the whole article you would have found even though the Hubble would eventually become obsolete it is being moth balled early due the genius of Bush. The things this thing has shown us are beyond comprehension and it should be able to be used as long as possible.

Of course it's in the best interest of the space mission (the new one) They are taking funds from one part of NASA and moving them to another. You probably didn't read that either since you only read what you want to.

Cecil, if you could comprehend WHAT you read,

This response submitted by George on 01/17/2004. ( )


The Hubble was simply a stepping stone. It required constant maintenance at the tune of billions of dollars every couple years. I understand the liberal mindset,since that doesn't cost anybody anything and comes out of tax money. (RIGHT!) Even the egghead you want to take the quote from context admits that it's best for NASA. ( you did read that, right?) If the money for shuttle missions, assuming we get the shuttle back up, is used on completing the international space station, there will be no NEED of the Hubble. The space station would be a permanent stable platform with technicians there to perform routine maintenance at a fraction of the cost of sending up special shuttles all the time.

You amaze me at your desperation to grab at ANYTHING to slander George Bush. Your brain must function like a BB in a boxcar. It's always bouncing off the walls someplace.

You've spent all this time telling us about our IQ, and your education, but your common sense is nil. You have a macabre sense of enjoying alienation of your acquaintenances who aren't interested in your political misperceptions. If you HAVE to jabber, why don't you write letters to your local paper's editorial staff or GO ON THE DNC WEBSITE where someone or less than average mentality can share those beautiful sentiments with you. Now you've become a liar just like your boy Bill after having said you'd stop. How does it feel to flush your character down a toilet in front of the world?

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