Calling Tom Voyer

Submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/20/2004. ( )


What's it like in New Hampshire now? Is it a madhouse? Are you sick of politicians yet? I'll bet just about every commercial on T.V. is a political add.

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This response submitted by wetnwild on 01/20/2004. ( )

Actually Cecil, i have been doing a little skeet shooting at Liberal bumper stickers. Why are they waiting their, and more importantly OUR time. They are goona come here, try and woo a major REPUBLICAN state for what? No matter what transpires here, there isnt a single one that is gonna garner enough votes to win nomination, and we will end up with a brokered convention and the presidential contest will end up between GW and Hillary. And Gw will kick her neive liberal ass all the way back to new york!

Didn't they tell you?

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/20/2004. ( )

There are so many liberals campaigning in New Hampshire their volunteers are putting liberal stickes over the conservative ones. The authories are looing for a sniper that seems to be a bad shot as he is only hitting bumpers.

Voyer...."SHUT UP"

This response submitted by JL on 01/22/2004. ( )

You just got here and already you're screwing up! We look foreward to these idiot liberals coming up here looking for votes....remember that they all spend MONEY HERE and thats the reason you dont have to pay a sales tax on everything you buy here. You may have moved to New Hampshire but you still have your Rhode Island thinking. It will take time for the transition to take place and start you thinking like a Yankee. So until you've been here long enough to be viewed as a bonified resident SHUT UP.We natives of this state love those liberals and their $$$$$$$$.

Yeah but!

This response submitted by wetnwild on 01/22/2004. ( )

All the money they are spending has Bill Clintons picture on it!

picture hey tom

This response submitted by bob on 01/22/2004. ( )

yea'and monica's on the back


This response submitted by RC on 01/23/2004. ( )

I know he's like a square peg in a round hole up there in NH. He was intdouctronated too long in Rhode Island by Patches Kennedy's socialist preachings. Tom probably even sent Patches a care package when he was in drug rehab and again when Patches was in trouble for roughing up the Black women at LA airport.
With any luck he will go back to Rhode Island when black fly and mud season get here.
I won't be up this weekend ,I don't want to run into any of those used condoms running for office in the Democrat primary.
see ya

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