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Submitted by Shelly on 01/22/2004. ( )

I am probably going to get lots of people telling me to use the search button. I did that. I couldn't find what I needed. My husband has done taxidermy for many years. We are now interested in preserving skulls and maybe whole skeletons. I have been looking for your procedure for maceration. Almost every item in the archives refers to a post where you gave the procedure, and they all say to use the search. I tried, didn't find it. Could you post it again or e-mail it to me? It would help me a lot. My husband wants to get beetles and I don't want him to win this argument. We have tried maceration, but I think our shop is too cold where we have it. We have had a deer head in water for about 3 weeks and it hasn't done much. Any help would be appreciated. Please save me from the bugs!

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This response submitted by wilson on 01/22/2004. ( )

maybe you need to talk to superpig.
raven is a bug and casting guy ,pig soaks them.

Im a bug guy?

This response submitted by Raven on 01/22/2004. ( )

I prefer maceration over everything else and have been preaching that for a LONG time. Even when I was using my colonies I always followed with maceration. It can do things that beetle preperation simply cannot do. I'll try to find that post for you. Perhaps I'll repost it as a post on it's own as I believe it was a response to other peoples posts.

The bugs won't work either if it's too cold btw... and thats the least of your worries.

Of course if anyone else has info on maceration post it by all means... or you can look on the net in general as theres more info on it in google than there is on this site. Superpig has info posted on it on a site that I've read, lots of good info there.


This response submitted by Glen Conley on 01/22/2004. ( )

has three skull articles on, along with one on snake skinning, and one on snake mounting. The Piggy does good.

Piglets page

This response submitted by Raven on 01/22/2004. ( )

Superpigs page (or at least the page she has info on at any rate) that I was referring to is just looked it up.. that should be a good start for ya =)


This response submitted by Raven on 01/22/2004. ( )

Typing at the same time Glen =)


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our little swine leathered friend is probably making little piggy snickers at both of us.


This response submitted by Raven on 01/22/2004. ( )

But ya gotta love those lil snickers... and ya KNOW she loves the attention ;)

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