Just Curious Why

Submitted by Jay Thomas on 01/17/2004. ( getnby1mil@yahoo.com )

I was up rather late last night looking through the net here on this site when I all of a sudden saw a lot of posts come up that were - well - out of color shall we say. It was in numerous categories. I'm not easily shocked, but this seemed so out of place here. Did I miss something ? Why is there no mention of this problem today ? Did it just get swept under the old rug so to speak ? Did anyone else even see it ? Anyone know whothis person is and why they are doing that ? Sorry, but I'm just in the dark on this one and it was so strange to see here.

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internet trash and clutter

This response submitted by bored by it all on 01/17/2004. ( )

If you see a bunch of duplicate posts, don't even bother to click on any of them. Ken will dispose of the trash when he sees it.

But ... Ken needs a pat on the back and a RAISE! (Are ya'll listening over there at WASCO?) 'Seems like he really has his hands full lately!

Some punk thinks he should tell Ken how to run Kens forum.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/17/2004. ( )

Ken has to delete the post.

Ken also likes that we pretty much moderate this site our selfs all without reg..

There are a few rules and every once in a while the punk breaks the rules, breaks the Federal laws.

This is a privatly owned site, with unlimited axcess totally free.

Just so you know he had tried remoting to hide, what he fails to realize is the remote servers track his isp and the remote server help lines are posted when a trace is done.

It took all of 15 seconds to find him yesterday.

He/they or she (I know which one) has made a lot of enemies by being a jerk.

Sooner or later they will spill thier preverbial gutss and get in deep dodo.

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