Half of Bush's state of the union address was...

Submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/21/2004. ( )

more entitlements and more spending. I thought he was supposed to be a Republican? This guy's made the federal goverment bigger than ever and spends like there is no tomorrow. Talk about role reversal of the political parties. Your thoughts. Oh yeah. I know in advance George will call me stupid and John C. will rant and rave about Clinton. That's a given.

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ALL "of Bush's state of the union address was..."

This response submitted by Republican on 01/21/2004. ( )

The BACKBONE OF OUR COUNTRY! His speech made the Iowa Caucus appear PATHETIC (Whiners!)! Bush could NOT FORSEE 9/11 when he came into office (guess he should have, based on the Democrats setting it up), or he would be taking care of the less significant problems in our country like Health Care, etc.! He's dealing with the MOST MAJOR PROBLEMS at hand... Terrorists! Had GORE been elected we'd likely be seeing Suicide bombings in this country... maybe worse! Get Over It DEMS! Think about why the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012... when a Democrat MIGHT get elected President again! Bush RULES, and I Thank God for him! Democrats want something for Nothing... hope they don't get it in 2008...

That's a stretch in my opinion

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/21/2004. ( )

But you have a right to express your point of view even if you do digress to insults (pathetic whiners). We will see in the fall who the "whiners" are. Sure glad I have a choice.

The Real State of the Union How the numbers add up

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/21/2004. ( )

20 January 2004

232: Number of American combat deaths in Iraq between May 2003 and January 2004

501: Number of American servicemen to die in Iraq from the beginning of the war - so far

0: Number of American combat deaths in Germany after the Nazi surrender to the Allies in May 1945

0: Number of coffins of dead soldiers returning home from Iraq that the Bush administration has allowed to be photographed

0: Number of funerals or memorials that President Bush has attended for soldiers killed in Iraq

100: Number of fund-raisers attended by Bush or Vice-President Dick Cheney in 2003

13: Number of meetings between Bush and Tony Blair since he became President

10 million: Estimated number of people worldwide who took to the streets in opposition to the invasion of Iraq, setting an all-time record for simultaneous protest

2: Number of nations that Bush has attacked and taken over since coming into the White House

9.2: Average number of American soldiers wounded in Iraq each day since the invasion in March last year

1.6: Average number of American soldiers killed in Iraq per day since hostilities began

16,000: Approximate number of Iraqis killed since the start of war

10,000: Approximate number of Iraqi cililians killed since the beginning of the conflict

$100 billion: Estimated cost of the war in Iraq to American citizens by the end of 2003

$13 billion: Amount other countries have committed towards rebuilding Iraq (much of it in loans) as of 24 October

36%: Increase in the number of desertions from the US army since 1999

92%: Percentage of Iraq's urban areas that had access to drinkable water a year ago

60%: Percentage of Iraq's urban areas that have access to drinkable water today

32%: Percentage of the bombs dropped on Iraq this year that were not precision-guided

1983: The year in which Donald Rumsfeld gave Saddam Hussein a pair of golden spurs

45%: Percentage of Americans who believed in early March 2003 that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 11 September attacks on the US

$127 billion: Amount of US budget surplus in the year that Bush became President in 2001

$374 billion: Amount of US budget deficit in the fiscal year for 2003

1st: This year's deficit is on course to be the biggest in United States history

$1.58 billion: Average amount by which the US national debt increases each day

$23,920: Amount of each US citizen's share of the national debt as of 19 January 2004

1st: The record for the most bankruptcies filed in a single year (1.57 million) was set in 2002

10: Number of solo press conferences that Bush has held since beginning his term. His father had managed 61 at this point in his administration, and Bill Clinton 33

1st: Rank of the US worldwide in terms of greenhouse gas emissions per capita

$113 million: Total sum raised by the Bush-Cheney 2000 campaign, setting a record in American electoral history

$130 million: Amount raised for Bush's re-election campaign so far

$200m: Amount that the Bush-Cheney campaign is expected to raise in 2004

$40m: Amount that Howard Dean, the top fund-raiser among the nine Democratic presidential hopefuls, amassed in 2003

28: Number of days holiday that Bush took last August, the second longest holiday of any president in US history (Recordholder: Richard Nixon)

13: Number of vacation days the average American worker receives each year

3: Number of children convicted of capital offences executed in the US in 2002. America is only country openly to acknowledge executing children

1st: As Governor of Texas, George Bush executed more prisoners (152) than any governor in modern US history

2.4 million: Number of Americans who have lost their jobs during the three years of the Bush administration

221,000: Number of jobs per month created since Bush's tax cuts took effect. He promised the measure would add 306,000

1,000: Number of new jobs created in the entire country in December. Analysts had expected a gain of 130,000

1st: This administration is on its way to becoming the first since 1929 (Herbert Hoover) to preside over an overall loss of jobs during its complete term in office

9 million: Number of US workers unemployed in September 2003

80%: Percentage of the Iraqi workforce now unemployed

55%: Percentage of the Iraqi workforce unemployed before the war

43.6 million: Number of Americans without health insurance in 2002

130: Number of countries (out of total of 191 recognised by the United Nations) with an American military presence

40%: Percentage of the world's military spending for which the US is responsible

$10.9 million: Average wealth of the members of Bush's original 16-person cabinet

88%: Percentage of American citizens who will save less than $100 on their 2006 federal taxes as a result of 2003 cut in capital gains and dividends taxes

$42,000: Average savings members of Bush's cabinet are expected to enjoy this year as a result in the cuts in capital gains and dividends taxes

$42,228: Median household income in the US in 2001

$116,000: Amount Vice-President Cheney is expected to save each year in taxes

44%: Percentage of Americans who believe the President's economic growth plan will mostly benefit the wealthy

700: Number of people from around the world the US has incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

1st: George W Bush became the first American president to ignore the Geneva Conventions by refusing to allow inspectors access to US-held prisoners of war

+6%: Percentage change since 2001 in the number of US families in poverty

1951: Last year in which a quarterly rise in US military spending was greater than the one the previous spring

54%: Percentage of US citizens who believe Bush was legitimately elected to his post

1st: First president to execute a federal prisoner in the past 40 years. Executions are typically ordered by separate states and not at federal level

9: Number of members of Bush's defence policy board who also sit on the corporate board of, or advise, at least one defence contractor

35: Number of countries to which US has suspended military assistance after they failed to sign agreements giving Americans immunity from prosecution before the International Criminal Court

$300 million: Amount cut from the federal programme that provides subsidies to poor families so they can heat their homes

$1 billion: Amount of new US military aid promised Israel in April 2003 to offset the "burdens" of the US war on Iraq

58 million: Number of acres of public lands Bush has opened to road building, logging and drilling

200: Number of public-health and environmental laws Bush has attempted to downgrade or weaken

29,000: Number of American troops - which is close to the total of a whole army division - to have either been killed, wounded, injured or become so ill as to require evacuation from Iraq, according to the Pentagon

90%: Percentage of American citizens who said they approved of the way George Bush was handling his job as president when asked on 26 September, 2001

53%: Percentage of American citizens who approved of the way Bush was handling his job as president when asked on 16 January, 2004


This response submitted by Wil on 01/21/2004. ( )

is right. When Libs lose power, the wackier they get. Mr. Baird is living proof. No one likes to see our brave service men and women die, but I guess Mr. Baird would rather 1000, 10,000 or even more American civilians be slaughtered in another attack just so we can balance the budget. We live in a different world now and until we get a handle on this terrorism, our Nation will just have to endure some hardships and setbacks. Ask anyone who lived thru WWII. Far less whiners back then than we have today. Besides, do you really think that Kerry, Dean, Edwards, etc. would make any attempt at deficit reduction Mr. Baird? If you do, I have this bridge here I'd like you to see.....

Terrorists on the run - more Americans able to sleep at nite

This response submitted by marty on 01/21/2004. ( )


Heres some numbers for you Cecil

This response submitted by bojack on 01/21/2004. ( )

Over 5,000 : Dead after World Trade Center bombing.


This response submitted by reality on 01/21/2004. ( )

You democrats talk about all the military deaths as being bushs fault?

what about the tens if not hundreds of thousands of deaths sponsored by the democrats through partial birth abortion??

just food for thought!

and ther is no reply that can explain or justify it!

Some of those deaths in Iraq

This response submitted by DaveT on 01/21/2004. ( )

Some of those deaths in Iraq can be blamed directly on Clinton and his administration. You see, much of the equipment, (can you say helocopter?) is outdated and needed to be replaced years ago. But guess what, Clinton and his folks CUT the military. I know I am in the military. So please Cecil, quit telling folks how much you dems and Kerry support the military... IT AIN'T TRUE. If you want to "support" the military, then make a cash donation to your favorite service or, if you are young enough 35 or under) go sign on the line and JOIN US.


Cecil ?

This response submitted by b bishop on 01/21/2004. ( )

you deserve every slam you get , can you really be that damn blind !

partial birth abortion?

This response submitted by John on 01/21/2004. ( )

Partial birth abortions equated with the victims of 9/11? You jackarses are the real whackos - just as fundamentally screwed up as the terrorists - I bet my soul on it.

How do you republicans address the still partially unreleased (despite federal court order) Cheney energy policy documents. Even those that were released contain maps of Iraq divided up according to natural resource value. Keep in mind the meeting in question was held well before 9/11. Do you really not think there was a plan to go into Iraq before the attack on NYC? Wake up morons. It is obvious that the Iraqi people had nothing to do 9/11. Now I suspect a large number of their citizens might be encouraged to adopt a life dedicated to blowing themselves up in our shopping malls.

Military cuts Dave? I guess those benefits being eliminated by Bush from the veterans of previous wars don't count?

Bottom line

This response submitted by The Rookie on 01/21/2004. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

"America will not ask for permission to defend itself." Put chills in my body.(PRIDE) Very good to be an American today! Good Luck Cecil, you're starting to scare me. Jeff F.

Ah isn't it nice

This response submitted by JEM on 01/21/2004. ( )

For a change we are talking about real issues and not who the President bopped last nite.....

A different view point scares you Jeff?

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/21/2004. ( )

I find the condemnation of different viewpoints much more scarey. When we start belittling Amercians that dare to speak their mind we are on the road to ruin.

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism" - Thomas Jefferson

I'm still trying to figure out the Iraqi connection to

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/21/2004. ( )

9/11 when none of the hijackers were from Iraq, even Colin Powell said there apparently is no connection a few weeks ago, and we cuddle up to Saudi Arabia where most of the hijackers came from. Those so called training camps and terrorist ties are purely speculation according to the CIA. We've pulled out 400 folks specifically looking for WMD. Does that tell you something?

There's a mayor's conference going on in D.C. today. 75 % of the countries mayors are still waiting for funds after 9/11 to help pay for the first line of defense against terrorism. Many of the eastern seaboard cities are only checking a maximun of 6 % of incoming cargo due to a lack of funds. I guess it's just another empty mandate of which Bush is famous for.


This response submitted by The Rookie on 01/21/2004. ( )

A different view doesn't scare me in the least. I enjoy the freedoom to examine different viewpoints and come to my own conclusions. You just have a "way" of expressing yourself at times. And although you do scare me at times I still respect rule#4.(LOL) Peace- Jeff F.

Yes you do respect Rule # 4 Jeff

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/21/2004. ( )

And I commend you on that.

300 million.......

This response submitted by rc on 01/21/2004. ( )

... The number of US citizens who are living in freedom because our president had the guts to kick the terrorists butts without a permission slip from France. Cecil is obviously outnumbered.

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