Is the selling of animals/pelts/parts legal?

Submitted by SeaBass on 01/17/2004. ( )

I'm not trying to stir up problems here, I just wanna know before I get Fish & Game kicking down my it legal to sell pelts and whole frozen animals? Or does that depend on the state? If you trap/shoot something legally, then does any state or federal agency care if you sell it? Thanks

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Check before you sell

This response submitted by Brandon Wildlife Studio on 01/17/2004. ( ... )

Hello. you need to check with fish and wildlife before selling ANYTHING. In our state we can sell some things with a permit..however anything without a season (though may have been taken legally out of state) cannot be sold...period. So, better safe than sorry, make the call.


What State?

This response submitted by Old Fart on 01/17/2004. ( )

Seabass, you have been around here long enough to know that anything that involves LAWS is very dependant on what state you are talking about. Do you bother to read that stuff? If you have a "specific" question you should ALWAYS contact your local warden for an answer.

A good question

This response submitted by Travis on 01/17/2004. ( )

In Kansas it is illegal for a furharvester to sell his furs to anybody but a fur dealer...The law gets broke everyday on Ebay with people from KS selling their raw pelts..sometimes I really wander why I spend my 100 bucks a year to possess a fur dealers license but I do..In my opinion the fur laws really need to be updated and enforced on a stricter level. Each state definately has their own laws so call your F&G office and visit with them...They will be very helpful I`m sure.

Bobcats must be tagged before you can even sell them to a fur dealer...

Yes, I shoulda said i was talking about Massachusetts

This response submitted by SeaBass on 01/17/2004. ( )

Old fart was right, ill check local mass laws although its not looking good....we don't exactly have trapping/hunting friendly laws around here

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