No; seriously

Submitted by Ron on 01/25/2004. ( )

I really want to know if it is neccessary to oil a cape that has been tanned in an auto tanner if it is to be mounted immediatly. If so I also want to know why ...dam'it. I know this is not the place for a taxidermy related question (har har) but apparently no one bothers to read any of the other catergories any more. Can't blame you though, this is better than Bill ORielly and Jerry Springer combined. By the way, how have you been George? Ron

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This response submitted by Jack F on 01/25/2004. ( )

Oil is very neccesary after tanning in the auto tanner. Hard to explain but I will try. I know this is in the archives I read it along time ago before I bought mine. Oiling helps keep the cape from over shrinking. I believe the oil replaces the fats and other juicy things found in the skin that the auto tanner forces out of the skin. Now mind you I could be WAY off on this but I believe this is what I have read in the archives. The tanning crystals are just that they attatch to the fibers in the skin. I think you could contact Steve R. the inventor and I bet he would be glad to help you. Also John C. is in my opinion the most knowledgable person here when it comes to tanning with the auto tanner. Hope I have helped Jack F. I know its best to some times keep mouth shut and be thought a fool, then to open it and remove all doudt LOL. Oh well i'm bored.

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