Beginners come to my place and learn taxidermy

Submitted by las on 01/18/2004. ( )

If you can supply your own specimen maybe
I can help?Details would have to be worked out
has I live In sask Canada
Birds/fish specializing In walleye and pike

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No smooth talkers over here

This response submitted by las on 01/18/2004. ( )

Nobody over here will try and talk the hind leg of a dog
like they do on these forums..there Is four of them hope there computers crash today..cause they've said enough...Kids Its possible to actually stuff a squirrel the good ole fashioned way Inexpensive
using modern methods..!See ya all

whats your deal

This response submitted by paul smith on 01/18/2004. ( )

Why do you constantly post on these forums if the info recieved is not good? If its such a bad place why do you come back? Yup there are no smooth talker's in canada, you all volunteered your firearms to your gov. for the greater good. Why dont you take a step back and look at what your trying to say before you stick your whole foot in your mouth. Have a good day, if you want to or not.


This response submitted by las on 01/18/2004. ( )

I figured I could teach em then eh?

I never said Info was bad

This response submitted by las on 01/18/2004. ( )

Why put words In my mouth..what you said Is not true why would I be here then?

Leave Canada out of this....

This response submitted by Raven on 01/18/2004. ( )

I've seen a lot of boneheaded stuff posted here from Americans too... it's not about Canada vs US... it's about people on an individual basis... geez....

There are smooth talkers everywhere.

And we didn't volunteer our guns to anyone. By law some of us submitted info ABOUT them... but the guns are still safely in my hands where they will stay until I sell them to get better ones or someone takes them from me on penalty of death.

O.K. thanks a bunch for the advise..well taken

This response submitted by las on 01/18/2004. ( )

Thanks a million for all the advise
As far as our gun contol goes we always had a lot of rules
and regs In canada before Bill C-68
It's just that we didn't have authorities with any balls to Impliment what do they do they bring In Bill C-68 to make out there
doing something..when all the authorities would of had to do Is impliment what rules were already on the books
This gun control Is world wide you mean to say It Is not
effecting the U.S at all

i didnt put words

This response submitted by paul smith on 01/18/2004. ( )

In your mouth, I asked questions.

las, you honestly scare me

This response submitted by George on 01/18/2004. ( )

Like that posting on borax on a squirrel. You seem to know just enough to be VERY dangerous to beginners. I sure hope they think twice about what they'll get for free. I may cost them in areas they have no idea about. And YES, I did look at your mounts and for the quality of the photography they look OK. But then again, so do pictures of my work, so that doesn't say a whole lot.

Yes I apologize for the quality of pics

This response submitted by las on 01/18/2004. ( )

But I had to keep some kind of track of my work
of course there could be thousands more pictures added
that were never taken Oh Well I tried to keep some kind
of a record of my work over the many must
try to understand I've only been Into computers over last five years
and most of my pics were taken with a digital camera off the original
work..well I am glad you like It a little anyway


This response submitted by Jeff @ Jeff's Taxidermy on 01/18/2004. ( )

Las does sound kinda dangerous to beginners and I saw them pics too George.....
I couldn't tell if they were good mounts or not ...all I know is the pics weren't worth looking at looked kinda fuzzy to me ...and off in the distance too..
Try posting some better close-up pics there Las....please?

Why dive toyour place?

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/18/2004. ( )

Beginners should jump at joining thier state assoc. even Canadians are welcome to most state shows, all the border states have show upcoming in the future.

are you french?

This response submitted by Grizzly on 01/18/2004. ( )

las, people give you alot of slack for posting comments that don't make sense, but i am sincerely wondering if there is a good reason that your posts don't make sense. Are you french or something and don't speak english well? Are you slightly mentally handicapped? I am not being sarcastic or sneakily cruel, i sincerely am wondering, cause quite honestly you need a translater to read some of your comments like ..... "Nobody over here will try and talk the hind leg of a dog"

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