PTA Convention -- Rule Change

Submitted by Christie Mahany on 01/25/2004. ( )

The PTA Board of Directors has revised a very important rule just in time for this years' convention. In the past, a competitor was not allowed to enter a piece in the competition that had been previously entered into a regional, national or world show. The new rule opens the door for any and all pieces, including peices that have been entered in other competitions (provided they haven't competed at the state level in PA yet). Collect all of your top pieces and bring them to Pennsylvania to compete for our Professional or Masters Competitors Award, or any of the "over $17,000.00 in cash and prizes".

Every booth in our large suppliers area has been sold out! We believe this convention will be the biggest in state association history, and we anticipate nearly 400 pieces in our competition. We have added more seminars than ever (so check the schedule again), including the Children's seminar again this year, so there's sure to be something for the entire family. We're trying to make this year the best ever, and we hope to see you there!

For more information on our 25th Annual State Taxidermy and Wildlife Art Championships (Altoona, PA -- March 11-14, 2004) see our website at

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Can anyone go to this?

This response submitted by SeaBass on 01/25/2004. ( )

So is it just open to the public?

Yes - for a membership fee

This response submitted by PA on 01/25/2004. ( )

In order to veiw all the excellent seminars at this years meeting all you must do is join the PTA for $35.00 and pay to attend the convention at $35.00 for one day or $45.00 for all three days.

If you only want to see the pieces in the competition, simply visit on Saturday afternoon when the general public is able to attend to the competition room. However, you will not be able to visit the suppliers room or attend any seminars.

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