Ya know what I hate?

Submitted by greybird on 01/25/2004. ( )

Indian givers!

No wait .....

I take that back.

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This response submitted by w&w on 01/25/2004. ( )

Lying weasel liberals, who try to jam down our throats how GW alledegly lied to congress but forget how slick willie, lied to america, congress, his wife, his daughter, lost his law license, and was impeached? Go Figure!


This response submitted by bs on 01/25/2004. ( )

you know whats funny about slick willy ,He was voted in two terms!by who?Get off that sinking ship and come on over to one that floats!Besides quit worrying about willie, he's gone, you better worry about the problem we have today (BUSH), you know the one that while Qual hunting he shot a felark and thought it was a qual,thats just who we need in charge, besides bush wasn;t voted in he was appointed in right?


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 01/25/2004. ( )

I think they missed your joke! I liked it though, very clever.


This response submitted by greybird on 01/25/2004. ( )

Right over their heads!

Clinton lied...boo hoo

This response submitted by Steve on 01/25/2004. ( )

President Clinton lied about an extra-marital afair. It had NOTHING to do with politcs, policy or anything even remotely connected to the office of president. He was impeached because the republicans made a big ol stink about it and spent millions and millions of tax dollars to try to nail him to the wall. What damage, other than to his marriage and family, a member of which you are NOT, did it do? How were you or our country harmed or damaged becasue he got a BJ from an intern? You will probably say..."well..he made the office of president look shameful".....to who? The rest of the world couldnt care less. Actually, it made him look more human and normal to the rest of the world. Politicians and otehr men of power often have affairs. Do you really think he was the only president to have an affair. I bet there are people on this site who have had affairs. Instead of letting it go and let him work it out with his family, the republicans had a field day. Now onto bush. He lied about the security of our country. His lies have cost us more than 500 lives and counting. His lies have made us the shame of the world. His lies were all about politics and stuffing our tax money into his friends and contributors pockets. His lies made us look like the madman loose cannon of the world. He lied to get us to invade a country without provocation. There is a world of difference between President Cliunton's lies and bush's lies.

You better check and see how many of CLINTON'S

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/25/2004. ( )

Look at the number of people Clinton's have been associated with that have turned up dead!

Is it a coincidence? The latest is a lawyer from White Water and that happened just a few miles from where I sit 2 miles as the crow flies!

None of these people ever agreed to go to war.

The 500 soldiers all volunteered, get it right yes they said

"Defend the Consititution of the United States against all Enemies both Forgien and Domestic."

They were not civilians.

Both were elected as per Article II.

Our soldiers and service personell are held to a higher standard than the "public"

So why was Clinton the Commander in Chief of the time allowed to slide through?

Liberals just cannot seem to grasp the concept and Moral values it takes to lead a Nation.

At this time you have Soliders, sailors, Marines, Airmen and other service personell that support the ideals of our United States.

You would subject them to other leadership, possibly inferior leadership in thier time of dire need?

If so theyn you certianly have never placed your life on the line! But sadly you are allowed to voice your opinion even when it is not the opinion of the people involved!

The term (Monday morning quarterbacks) you dont know anything about what is going on other than get my friend out of there. Or its not our business.

Yeah, if you had your way we would have been nuked years back.

Funny how JFK had some BALLSSSSSSSSSS, then the Republicans had some Ballsssssss and now its the Democraps yelling get us out of there.

You want us out, start today write your congressman, your senators and get us out of the United Nations.

But let us keep our first strike abilities!

Dont limit us, like taking a knife to a gun fight. Spend the money for a first rate armed forces, then and only then will the little people shut to hell up.

Oh by the way, who was it that bomd Omar Kadaphie Liybian leader, way back when, now who is it that has Omars blessing to search Lybia?

I dont think it was the Democrates!

JOhn C

This response submitted by bs on 01/25/2004. ( )

Why are you crying about Clinton?He's not in their any more is he? You better worry about who's in their now!

Cute one Nancy

This response submitted by George on 01/25/2004. ( georoof@aol.com )

You should've put "no pun intended" I suppose, but then the jerk patrol would've associated it with liberalism too.

John C., you really need to stop believing in conspiricy

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/26/2004. ( )

theories. It does not help you credibility. One fact though. The repulsicans wasted millions of out tax dollars trying to find something on the Clintons. What a waste.

LIke bs says, Clinton's gone. Get over it. You can only blame him so long. This administration has to take responsibility sometime.


This response submitted by wilson on 01/26/2004. ( )

another thing i hate is
When we all think your wrong , by you'r really writ.

it seems

This response submitted by michael sestak on 01/27/2004. ( )

that the last two presidents skipped their military duty and nothing happened...i thought that the commander in chief would have to have some military experience...

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