business with Tim Hayes from MI?

Submitted by Bill on 01/26/2004. ( )

Has anyone ever done business with Tim Hayes of MI? He's the taxidermist that works out of Fred Trost's Practical Sportsmans Museum in the town of Bath. Practical Sportsman is a tv show on PBS.

I took him some work back over a 1 1/2 yr plus ago. Everything is paid in full over a year ago and I still don't have my mount. I have called and called him and he gives every possibe excuse in the book why he doesn't have it done. Then when I ask when for my money back, he says he doesn't have any money to give. Every week they have him on the tv show doing taxidermy work. Last week he was working on a moose mount, with a nice wooden habitat base.

I'm up at arms with with the whole deal. It has all been bs. Anyone ever take work to him or do work with him? I'd like to hear what anyone has to say.

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Tim Hayes

This response submitted by Greg on 01/26/2004. ( )

I would e-mail or call Fred Trost's Practical Sportsmans so Fred or his goofy son will get it! I saw tim on one of the shows and was not impressed at all. I am new to taxidermy but I still know what to show and what not to show a customer!(slamming alls thought the cape of a deer to hold it on the form!) If I were you I would stop by talk to Tim. I hope you get your mount or money back.

Tim's a great ................

This response submitted by Paul B on 01/26/2004. ( )

guy and a great taxidermist. Be patient, good work is worth the wait.
As far as excuses go, part of being a great taxidermist is having a good list of them for people who wonder what the hold-up is. Here are some of mine:
Fluid build up behind retina

Son being deployed to Indian Ocean immediatly following 9/11

Dislocated left shoulder

Surgery on shoulder

and these are just since the sping of 2001. I suggest you just relax and wait. That would be much better than having had done by someone with much less talent, therefore less work, and getting back much sooner only to be stuck with a sub standard job.

Paul B

Paul B

This response submitted by Bill on 01/27/2004. ( )

RE: Your comment - "I suggest you just relax and wait." If I recall, it is not your money that was used to pay for this mount. Nor is it your animal. The way I see it, there's no reason for you to make such a comment now is there. When I pay for something in full, wait patiently for well over a year, still get yanked all around and don't get a straight answer, I'd say there's an issue. Patience does run thin at some point.

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