<><> EARL <><>

Submitted by Jay Thomas on 01/26/2004. ( Gentnby1mil@yahoo.com )

Looks like EARL is another one of Ken's butthole buddies. Earl butted into a post I made in good faith and without taking anyones side. Just FYI. Earl had no business opening his mouth since he does not know ANYONE involved in that post. Like the rest of you - Yox, John C Roof etc.,... who regularly butt into something they know little or nothing about, I got in Earls face about it. I guess poor Earl couldn't take it, so he had to go cry to his daddy Ken and get the posts removed. Does anyone here have any guts or are you all just a bunch of redneck crybabies ? Hey Earl, you are still a punk and a coward, so now go run to your daddy Ken and get this removed before everyone here knows it !

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This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 01/26/2004. ( ken@taxidermy.net )

Earl did not ask for your post to be removed. I removed it because it was an anonymous mean-spirited post.

C'mon Jay!

This response submitted by marty on 01/26/2004. ( )

Quit the grammar school name calling. It makes YOU look like an ass. I'm not familiar with the post(s) you mention. But I do know Earl has been on here for years and has never rubbed me the wrong way.

You on the otherhand, when you articulate the way you do (if you want to call it that) makes you very unapproachable and (again) you sound childish. ASSUMING you are who you say you are...


This response submitted by Jeff @ Jeff's Taxidermy on 01/26/2004. ( mountman@netins.net )

Jay, why dont you hide the cereal so someone stops peeing it it....
Im not a redneck and Yox and a few others are good friends of mine that provide a great deal of knowledge to this site ...
Why dont you leave if you cant say anything nice ...
GROW UP MAN ...Im curious ..are you a world champion taxidermist or have you ever been a judge at a state,nat'l or world comp?and like I posted earlier to you mellow out and you might live a happier and longer life.

Why complain

This response submitted by Larry C. on 01/26/2004. ( )

You post a topic on a PUBLIC FORUM, and complain when someone replies in a way you don't like. If you don't want those kind of replies the don't post it publically. E-mail next time.


This response submitted by Tim Jackson on 01/26/2004. ( timjackson@erath.net )

Not all of us REDNECKS are crybabies!


This response submitted by Jay on 01/26/2004. ( )

You are a <><><>[Expletive Deleted]<><><><>

<><> HEY JAY <><>

This response submitted by ANT/TAX on 01/27/2004. ( ANT / TAX )

You wouldn't want to get in my face in person,behind the computer your all mouth and balls..I'm sure in person your all mouth and "NO BALLS"..

Crybabies & their Daddy Ken !

This response submitted by Jay Thomas on 01/27/2004. ( getnby1mil@yahoo.com )

First of all Ken - I'm a lof things, but anonymous ain't any of them.
My post was not anonymous and it was no more mean spirited than Earls post was where he opened his fat ass mouth in regards to something he knows NOTHING about. So why don't you remove posts from your children Yox, Roof and John C when they are "mean spirited" ? How many times on this crappy site have we seen John C threaten to drive half way across the country to kick someones ass because they said something he didn't like ? Check the archives - it happens a LOT. Don't see you removing those posts. Also, this canada chick that is obviously a crook, but every time someone makes a post about her, you pull it. you don't seem to be pulling too many other "warning" posts of this type. Is she pulling something for you !? Marty can kiss my ass ! And Jeff is certainly another example of DUMBASS on this site as not all of my posts are complaints or bitching. Try getting your head out of your ass Jeff and look in some other areas where I have posted. And the initial post that Eral got this started with was in no way negative, just my experience. And EARL had no business running his stupid mouth. Simple as that. He does not know me, the story it involved or the other person involved in it, so why , unless you are a total asshole, would you jump into a post that was merely informational with nothing good to say ? Because EARL is a dumbass !~
And Hey Larry - try taking some of your own advice. Do you see how stupid that post of yours is ! Of course not - another redneck dumbass ! Also, I did not post the one where it says explitive deleted. I have not used that language here; you know - the F word ! And last but not least - EARL - anytime you punk ass bitch !

John C - Where Are You On This?

This response submitted by You Usually Set Us Straight (.Com) on 01/27/2004. ( )

Clearly, Jay is Bob, Mark, PhilTx (via 1/25 Google search), etc! His sole purpose is to disrupt message boards! He's a Psycho who needs Psychological help! Please expose his ISP to All in the near future! It Really does slow him down on the Unacceptable Filth he enjoys spewing to the world (regardless of sex, age, race, occupation)! He obviously has dirty underwear, and it'd be nice if you'd Clean Him Up once again! Thank you, Disgusted w/Jay, Bob, Mark, PhilTx, etc.

By The Way, hope you're feeling much better than you were last month!

<><> J THOMAS <><>

This response submitted by EARL on 01/27/2004. ( ANT/TAX )

Jay from your listing above I see your nothing but a pile of crap.. Keep it up I enjoy reading what an ass you are..


This response submitted by EARL on 01/27/2004. ( ANT / TAX )

I tried emailing Mr Wonderful but it came back "fatal eror undeliverable" It figures,another fake with no balls..


This response submitted by Jeff's Taxidermy on 01/27/2004. ( mountman@netins.net )

I may be a perfect example of something but a dumbass ?
I dont think so Jay..
I have never had my head up my a$$ but it seems you just pulled yours out of yours and didnt like what you saw...
Put your head back up your a$$ and cook a little longer and maybe when you pull it out again you will be a happier person....
Call me what you want it doesnt bother me any but if you do wanna bother me try messing with my family and me personally....you will have your hands in a pot you dont want them in...
As for Bill Yox, John C and others you like to trash talk ...they are some of the best people on this site giving out good advice.....
And Ken keep up the good work on the site....I know you cant take out all the trash but I think Jay is ripe enough and I think its time for him to be taken out ....

Spelling error Jay...

This response submitted by marty on 01/27/2004. ( )

When referring to me I think you may have transposed some letters? I believe instead of "kiss" it should read "kick"? That's okay, we all make mistakes, your parents made one when they didn't ABORT!


This response submitted by EARL on 01/27/2004. ( ANT / TAX )

Poor Jay ,are we picking on you ? Go get your blanket,go to the corner,put your thumb in your mouth and think of something nice to tell the folks on TAX/NET..

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