Let me get this straight.... no MassTA?

Submitted by SeaBass on 01/29/2004. ( bassluongo@comcast.net )

call me naive and uninformed, but is there NO Massachusetts Taxaidermy association? Does this strike anyone else as a little strange? Can't we start one or something? lol

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I Can't find one either........

This response submitted by George Wallace on 01/29/2004. ( campus189@yahoo.com )

I have looked everywhere and there isn't one in our state.
There is in CT, they are having a show in june I think...
Were all alone SeaBass, LOL


This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/29/2004. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

Here in New England we either all belong to the Connecticutt Assocation of Taxidermists (CAT) or the Maine Taxidermist's Association (MTA) - both have been very good organizations over the years. With only 2 Associations it involves enough people to make them strong enough to organize and benefit the members. I would guess that any more, since we are all relatively small states, would only weaken the membership and likewise the support these 2 Associations now get. I'm a happy member of both - no gripes!


This response submitted by Wayne R on 01/29/2004. ( therodds@msn.com )

The last few years the CAT held it's convention in MA. This year it will be in CT. People from all the New England states and then some will be there. The judges come from all over the country. Not to leave Canada out of this, I believe I saw Mr. Walker there last year. I don't see how you could do much better.

No NH Tax Assoc either

This response submitted by JL on 01/29/2004. ( wmlures@metro2000.net )

We dont have one here either. I belong to the CT assoc and am very happy there. I was a member of the Maine assoc but quit because everything they did required a 3-4 hour drive from here. Some woman called here a few years back and asked if there was a NH assoc would I join...I told her NO. We have very few regulations here and I dont need anyone proposing any more so they can become better taxidermists.

Connecticutt Meeting

This response submitted by George Wallace on 01/30/2004. ( campus189@yahoo.com )

Guess SeaBass and I will have to go to the Connecticutt meeting un June. :)


This response submitted by George Wallace on 01/30/2004. ( campus189@yahoo.com )

SeaBass you hunt at all?
If so let me know, looking for someone to hunt with me on my own land.
Have lots of coyotes & fox here.
No gimmicks, just someone to shoot the breeze with..
I shoot right out of the inside of my barn towards my bait pile, less than 100 Yards away...
It's always more fun hunting with someone, especially when its cold out.
They don't come out in the daytime much, just from dusk till dawn.
As you well know, we can hunt from Sunrise to 12 midnight here legally.
George Wallace


This response submitted by RC on 01/30/2004. ( )

Do you use a electronic predator call ?

Seabass & George!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/30/2004. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

I'd personally be glad to see you both at the next CAT Convention in Cromwell CT on June 4,5 and 6th! It's at the Marriott! We've been having them in Holyoke MA for the last 3 years - so once again it will actually be in CT! You'll like this organization - we sometimes hold Conventions in MA - some of our Presidents have been from NY (our present one is) - and the Directors are from all the New England states. Nice people and I'm sure they would like to meet you both.

I'll be there

This response submitted by George Wallace on 01/30/2004. ( campus189@yahoo.com )

Bruce Rittel,
You can count on me being there..
Just have to get SeaBass to go, lol
I use a mouth piece works great..(HS Predator call)
It's a generic preditor call that mimicks a rabbit in distres.
I just call for about 2 Minutes softly, then wait 20 Minutes & then start increasing the volume slightly.
So far it's worked rather nice.
Got a huge red fox at 8:00 am this morning...
Tony will be getting this one, i'm trading for a gray fox.
Helps to have a big bait pile (smile)
Alot of people have emailed me to bash my methods of taking these animals with a bait pile.
We raise chickens,ducks,geese,pheasants,& more in incubaters as well as brooding pens, we hatch the eggs and put alot of effort into our animals.
The cost of grain is expensive, let alone the other products you need to raise these anaimals..
It's very hard to see animals like fox and coyote dig away at your fence lines & barn doors to get in and kill every bird in site and just carry a few away..
This is my first year baiting them.
I do NOT want to kill ALL of them, just a few for taxidermy, thats it..
I think I'll have to stop using my email address here :(

Bruce + George

This response submitted by SeaBass on 02/05/2004. ( bassluongo@comcast.net )

George, as for the hunting, I wish I was more involved, but sadly I'm not. Mostly I hunt birds in vermont where my family owns land (and Im pretty bad at it). thank you anyway though. As for the CAT convention I would love to be there....I'm VERY new to taxidermy, I hope that's not a problem..I would love to check out what all the real taxidermists are doing, as long as im not in school or forced to work or something. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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