Check This Out

Submitted by Paul I on 01/27/2004. ( )

This could be interesting.I like to go on peta website to check them out once in a while and if you click on action alerts you will see that Mrs.Clinton bought a new fur coat and got caught.Love to see her go up against them.LOL

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How about this

This response submitted by John_NY on 01/28/2004. ( )

How about everybody in the country who eats meat, orders one of PETA's
veggie packs, that should break their bank.



This response submitted by KEN on 01/28/2004. ( FISHTROPHIES@JUNO.COM )

I think it is time we start People For The Ethical Treatment Of Vegetables. Anybody with me. Plants are living creatures too. There is more cotton clothes out there than fur....agree LOL

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