Isn't it funny

Submitted by DaveT on 01/30/2004. ( )

When it comes to the right of freedom of speech the liberal democrats scream that any speech must be protected under this part of the constitution. Heck they went so far to say that burning a flag is acceptable under the "right to free speech"

But when it comes to gun control it is a different story. To heck with what rhe constitution says, they say it does not apply to this gun, or that gun or automatic guns, etc...

So why is it the liberal dems can so easily flip flop on different issues? They hide behind the constitution when it serves their purpose and ignore it when it doesn't.


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Kudos DAVE!

This response submitted by wetnwild on 01/30/2004. ( )

Actually it isnt really funny, but more sort of a sad scary type of thing! You hear that idiot weapons inspector now saying that POOOOOOOR! intelligence on the part of the CIA and the NSI are the ones who fed the whitehouse errant info concetrning WMD to this point, but you will never hear a democrap admit it. Even Bill ( cigar) clinton said he was positive the Iraquis and Hussein had em, he would have swore to it. Now if he had the balls to do what GW did, do you think on this knowledge we would be hearing a thing from them about reasoning for going over there? WE'LL you already know the answere to that one!

Anyone wanting to get hurt, just try to burn a American Flag

This response submitted by John C on 01/30/2004. ( )

in front of me.

There is one stipulation that will allow it, if the flag is in dire need of being replaced. It may be burned for disposal.

Understand their Mind Set

This response submitted by Paul I on 01/30/2004. ( )

Most of them have had a easy life as they were not exposed to crime being poor and working their ass for everything they have.The ones I know grew up middle class or better lived in nice houses had one or two minority people in their classes and then went on to higher learning.Then after finishing their learning they would have high paying jobs and still avoid the dailey grind most working stiffs have.Most do not hunt or fish and think its a waste of time.So you will never get them to understand what the old ways are about.When things affect them they will cry the loudest as they are not used to having it tough.Until that day comes they will never change.

Gun Control

This response submitted by Steve on 01/30/2004. ( )

Hey Dave...Funny that you bring up gun control. You know that thing the Brady Bill? The one about taking away our gun rights?...Well..Brady, the guy who was shot and then sponsored this bill..the bill that is named after him....I dont know how to break it to you...he is a REPUBLICAN! The Brady Bill is not a democrat conspiracy to take away our freedoms and rights. Its the republicans this time. So much for the Republicans being all for guns. There are plenty of Democrats that hunt and shoot. Kerry for one.

When will you guys ever get it?

This response submitted by Cecil on 01/30/2004. ( )

You can't just pigeon hole people into liberal and conservative slots. That's just plain ignorant. If you knew anything about politics you would know most folks in this country are moderates.

And to say liberals are automatically for burning the flag -- give me a break.

Here we go again

This response submitted by DaveT on 01/31/2004. ( )

Cecil, first I did not say all liberals burn flags, what I did say is that liberal democrats were the ones that pushed it under the "freedom of Speech" envelope.. got it? It is a LIBERAL action, plain and simple and that usually means democrats.

Steve... So the Bill was named after Brady... so what? Do some basic research and see who voted for it then and who keeps trying to enlarge it now. I can help you, call the NRA and you will see who voted for it..... Can you say "overwhelmingly Democrats and liberals?"

You two need to stop trying to spin everything anyone says on here that you do not agree with. The facts speaks for themselves.


let me get this straight

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 01/31/2004. ( )

Kerry is back in hunting again? He talks out of more sides of his mouth then Clinton did. And Steve believes it! hahahaha

Kerry a Hunter?

This response submitted by Chuck on 01/31/2004. ( )

When was the last time John Kerry went hunting? I know George Bush went quail hunting a few weeks ago. Even Dick Chenny went on a pheasant hunt here in my home state of Pennsylvania a while back. The Anti's were all over the news crying about it. John Kerry is just trying to con the sportsmen, in this country, into voting for him, by portraying himself as a hunter. Kerry is a joke. You guys on here that support anti-gun democrats then do taxidermy aren't very bright. Supporting a canidate that wants more gun control isn't the best thing for taxidermy. Do you support animal rights groups too? Why not?

Four years ago while working down south.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/31/2004. ( )

I wittnesed the people that were on welfare, food stamps screaming and putting signs up for the Democrates leaders. What really caught my eye was the fact that most of these yards had nice cars sitting in them and the houses were nothing more than share croppers shacks.
All were minorities.

The people that were willing to work for the place in life all had Republician signs and stickers.

There were jobs availible in nearby towns, but the minorities did not want to work, buses were even ran to pick them that would work up. They had raise a stink because they did not have enough money for gas, then would not ride free public transportation.

How can the Government help those that will not help themselves?

Seemingly those that do and are willing to work are normally educated hard working individuals.

Then we have the exceptions, "Hollywoood glamor kings and queens." most of them dont have any idea what it is to work, lack education (see they at under educated too)

I am sure this has put some wood on the fire, but thats the way it is.

Just watch the people, sometimes that the best way to see whats going on.

A little story . . .

This response submitted by Tony H. on 02/01/2004. ( )

I've been trying to keep out of these political debates for awhile because the points always get lost in the personal bashing but I just had to share this one.

Chuck mentioned that Bush went quail hunting a while back. He certainly did. It was an arranged photo op (not unusual, ALL politicians do these types of things) but he might have wanted to be a little more prepared. A writer friend of mine was there to do a story for his newspaper and told me that Bush clearly was out of place out there. He literally had to have someone load the shotgun for him because he didn't know how to load an autoloader. My friend is a long-time hunter and outdoor writer and said it was pretty evident that Mr. Bush had very, very, very seldom fired a gun before and he doubted seriously that Bush came with 10-15 feet of any of the birds he fired at. The point? I don't believe Bush is really a hunter. He just plays one on TV. Maybe Kerry or whoever does the same thing. But, to me, party affiliation is simply something to hide behind. Look at the actions of people and decide on those. I know it's not nice and tidy but the fact is obvious to me: Bill Clinton was FAR AND AWAY more of a friend to sportsmen and women than Bush. The gun control issue, to me, has very little to do with our hunting and fishing agendas. That's simply a money battle like gas and oil. I believe in gun control laws that are sensible. I don't think the second amendment was ever meant to give citizens complete and total access to all manner of weapons. It's just not the way it is. Yet just by stating that I am for some laws and perhaps even registration, I'll be painted as a gun-hating liberal. It's ridiculous and it's exactly what will bring an end to our heritage someday.

Thought I'd share that.


This response submitted by DaveT on 02/01/2004. ( )

You are worng President Bush and his father both hunt deer just about every year in Texas.


Tony H

This response submitted by Paul I on 02/01/2004. ( )

Tony you have the right to speak your mind even if I think your wrong.Scroll down a few posts and look at the New York gun bill that they are pushing.They want all guns listed.Like a few other people have said it starts out a little at a time inch by inch.Until the judges and courts do their job to keep the same dirtbags off the street we need the protection.Also I cant imagine being a law officer and risking my life to catch one of these guys and then see them back out in a year.

Tell us you're joking, Tony

This response submitted by George on 02/02/2004. ( )

Otherwise you're blind to the obvious. Bill Clinton hunted ducks with a RIFLE on the Chesapeake a few years back (according to him) and he's the ass that pushed the Brady Bill as far as it could go and only G.W. allowed some parts of it to expire. Give me a BREAK. I'm glad that was just your Opinion instead of a fact.

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