The Fed Ex gods shined upon me today

Submitted by Doug P on 01/30/2004. ( )

Yeah thats right I had a beautiful babe deliver my box of driftwood today. When she open the door I just stared. I think I will be ordering one scalpol blade every day from here to eternity and have it Fed Exed. Im tired of mounting bevers it time I mount the real thing. Now if only my wife was home!

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I have seen this Fed Ex temptress as well

This response submitted by CamoJoe on 01/30/2004. ( )

She came into work the other day and I couldn't even sign my name right for the dang package.


This response submitted by Jeff @ Jeff's Taxidermy on 01/30/2004. ( )

Just wanna know where I can get a good lookin Fed Ex gal hahahaha

Mine is 36-23-36

This response submitted by Doug on 01/30/2004. ( )

That's her head-neck-shoulders! OHHHHH YYEEEeeeeaaaAAAAAHHHH!

Be careful; beautiful women can cause a lot of pain

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/30/2004. ( )

Been there done that.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 01/31/2004. ( )

Not if you do it right, Cecil!

See and I get a UPS guy who wears those long brown socks in the summer...go figure!

I didn't know you liked guys Bill

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/31/2004. ( )

Let alone guys with long brown socks. LOL

must be nice

This response submitted by *** on 02/01/2004. ( )

i get a fraidy cat UPS guy who parks out at the road and sneaks through the yard to quietly set my packages on the porch and run back to his truck because he is scared of dogs. he doesnt even ring the bell!

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