I'd like to do wholesale small mammals

Submitted by trappersteph on 01/28/2004. ( deerwm17@aol.com )

How much demand is there for this? How should I go about setting myself up? Oh I have a freeze dryer too,but have not perfected most everything,good on deer feet,weasels and squirrels though,as well as lizards and small warm water fish.

My only trouble with reg non freeze dry is tanning hides and having the work done timely due to this part.I also have no running water in my shop in winter,so thats where the tanning, and freeze dry prep has a problem,if I am sent something in say october-dec.

How about doing stuff with already tanned hides? If the person needing wholesale sends an already tanned fox or coon or whatever.

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Earl Likes

This response submitted by jay on 01/28/2004. ( )

Earl You know the <><><> guy likes to "DO" small mammals too! ! IF you know what I mean. Wink wink

<><> JAY YOUR STILL AN ____HOLE <><>

This response submitted by EARL on 01/28/2004. ( ANT / TAX )


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