Heart rending letter from one who dispises Bush

Submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/28/2004. ( )

Don't blow this one off as from a bleeding heart liberal before you read the whole thing. You will be sorry.


Bush Took My Job, Killed My Sons Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind. I lost my job this past year. When Clinton was president I was secure and prosperous, but in the last year, we had to close our operations. We simply could not compete with foreign labor. This foreign labor worked for low pay under very bad conditions. They worked very long shifts, and many even died on the job. This competition could hardly be called "fair." I was forced out of the place where I had worked for 34 years. Not a single government program was there to help me.
How can Bush call himself "compassionate?"

Far worse, I lost two of my sons in Bush's evil war in Iraq. They gave their lives for their country, and for what? So that Bush's oil buddies can get rich. My pain of losing my sons is indescribable. While it is trivial next to the loss of my sons, I regret to say that I also lost my home. I simply have nothing left.

How can Bush call himself a Christian when he neglects people like me? I am a senior citizen with various medical problems. I'm not in a position where I can begin a new career. I was reduced to the point where I had to live in a hole in a ground, all because of President Bush. And when the authorities found me there, did they have any compassion for my misfortune and ailments? No, I was arrested.

Saddam Hussein

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Cecil, Please!

This response submitted by Republican on 01/28/2004. ( danceswithvintage@hotmail.com )

None of us will have jobs, security, etc. if we get Nuked a few times, and/or have a few more 9/11's! Thank God for President George Bush! I'll even let you have my E-address... :-D

Good one Cecil!

This response submitted by marty... on 01/28/2004. ( )

Good set up, nice delivery...

Glad you like it Marty

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/28/2004. ( )

I guess "Republican" didn't read the whole thing. LOL


This response submitted by jkidd on 01/28/2004. ( )

I think you may have missed who was at the bottom of the letter?

Cecil, Your

This response submitted by john on 01/28/2004. ( )

My favorite liberal. We should get together sometime and watch FOX and I can explain things to you. I liked your post, John


This response submitted by Leslie on 01/28/2004. ( )

That was actually pretty good.

It 's not original and I edited it a little

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/28/2004. ( )

but it is sure fun to snare someone now and then. :)


This response submitted by RC on 01/29/2004. ( )

When I checked the taxidermy industry ,I saved that post to read for last so I wouldn't be pissed off all the while I was reading all the others. I knew from the title it had to be you. This was a lot better than your usual drival. You are a slippery little basket, you must be part fish.

Open some windows Cecil

This response submitted by DaveT on 01/29/2004. ( )

I am glad a read this, to the end. I was gritting my teeth as I started lol. You should open some windows though. Alan Coombs (sp) would be very upset with you.


Alan who?

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/29/2004. ( )

I dont' get it Tom.

Watch Fox

This response submitted by DaveT on 01/29/2004. ( )

You need to watch Hannity and Coombs (sp?) on Fox. He is the liberal dude, kinda looks like the kid in school you walked up behind and smacked them in the back of the head. You see Cecil on Fox, they have shows where both side, liberal and conservative, are shown and they debate the issues. You probably have no idea what I am talking about as the other news stations don't do this, they just force feed you the liberal crapola.


Give me a break Dave

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/29/2004. ( )

Portraying the liberal as the kid you want to smack on the back of the head sounds really unbiased to me. Yeah right.

I have honestly tried to watch Fox. Last time I watched it waiting to see the debates they were replaying "Dean's Scream" and folks that worked on the set were heard laughing in the background. I think it was funny too, but that was unprofessional for a live broadcast. You wouldn't see that on any other networks.

Apparently you don't watch CNN much. They usually have two opposing points of view on a regular basis (typically a Republican and a Democrat) on the issues. A lot more professional than FOX. I see prominent Republicans on there all the time. Even saw an interview with Laura Bush around Christmas.


This response submitted by Hoop on 01/29/2004. ( )

I have to agree with Dave on this one! Alan Colmes looks exactly like that, LOL. Now Sean Hannnity, on the conservative side, likes to hunt and is against gun control. So is John Stossel of ABC's 20/20 in his episodes of "give me a break" where he usually, not always, slams the liberals point of view.

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