''The Passion''--A Different Kind of Movie

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''The Passion''--A Different Kind of Movie

Posted by Doc Farmer
Sunday, February 29, 2004

Right now, you"ve probably seen about a dozen reviews of Mel Gibson"s masterwork, ''The Passion of the Christ.'' And that"s just in your local papers. There"s about a hundred of them floating around cable, talk shows, the Internet, etc. And you"ll see my review and opinion of the movie at the end of the article.

However, I thought you might like a different take on the movie. A review, not of the movie itself, but of the mainstream media and the Hollyweird crowd"s reaction to the movie.

(Author"s note: If you"re a lib/dem/soc/commie, you might as well stop here. You won"t like what I"m about to say, about the movie or about you.)

I"m not much of a Mel Gibson fan. Well, I wasn"t before. I am now. And not because I"m suddenly a great aficionado of those ''Lethal Weapon'' action movies. I stand in awe of his courage. He"s now facing a blacklist far worse than any the communists (real commies) faced during the House Un-American Activities Committee investigations of their infestation in Hollyweird.

He"s been facing that for a long time, actually. He worked for over a decade to put together a movie that Hollyweird wouldn"t touch with a ten-foot pole (or two five-foot Armenians, for that matter). He put up $25 million of his own money -- and I have to assume that even for a movie-star-kind-of-guy, that ain"t chump change -- to make a film that no other producers would finance.

And he put up with the press. As he said in a recent interview, ''I mean, every morning, I opened up the newspaper expecting to find a digitally altered photograph of myself sharing a cigarette with a handsome farm animal, you know.'' And, quite frankly, I wouldn"t put it past the National Enquirer, the Star or others of their ilk. I exclude the Weekly World News, because they"d have Mel with Bigfoot and a space alien in a three-way.

Yet on the first day, a Wednesday no less, ''The Passion'' garnered the fifth highest mid-week premiere box office sales. $23.6 million. Plus an additional $3 million from advanced sales to churches that bought blocks of tickets for their parishioners.

All of this, for a movie that Mr. Gibson couldn"t get a distributor to consider for quite some months. A movie that opened on 4,643 screens in the end. Why? Because people wanted to see it. People didn"t want to see another drug-crazed, bare-breasted, car-chasing, machine-gun-firing, blood and guts gore-spilling, foul-mouthed collection of incidents in desperate search of a plot.

People wanted to see, for once, a movie that was as good as the book. ''The Passion'' came pretty close.

But the lib/dem/soc/commies don"t know what people really want. They only know what they want to make people want. They believe that they know better than the great unwashed (that"s you and me) because they are more sophisticated, more intelligent, more suave and debonair than we mere mortals. And they know that since they"re working hard to phase out God in exchange for lib/dem/soc/commie dogma, a movie like this would not be in our (see also: their) best interest.

So, they needed a way to dissuade the majority of Americans from seeing the movie. And they turned to their usual solution when faced with a problem.

They lie about it.

They said that it was anti-Semitic, before they"d even seen the first rushes. They called it hate-speech. This is usually an effective tool for the liberals, because nobody wants to be thought of as a bigot, or to give that appearance. Unless, of course, you"re a black female congresswoman (of the lib/dem/soc/commie persuasion) who tells a Hispanic guy ''You all look the same to me'' during his testimony, in which case you"re allowed. But we doofuses (and doofusettes) wouldn"t want to be seen as hating the Jews. And the Jews who are part of the lib/dem/soc/commie voting base will parrot the party line, because they"re afraid of real anti-Semites. Like the ones in France, for instance....

They said that the movie was too violent. And this was half a truth, which is the worst kind of lie. Yes, the movie was violent. What happened to Jesus was extremely violent. Crucifixion is an incredibly painful and tortuous way to die. Scourging literally flays the skin off you. And a crown of thorns is gonna do more than just sting a bit. But in the context of the life and death of Jesus, it was correct to show just how horrible that kind of thing was. To explain the level of the sacrifice Jesus made. Now, compare this to the glowing reviews of the genius of Quentin Tarrintino"s ''Kill Bill - Volume One'' where slaughter is raised to an art form.

Then they said nobody would go to see a movie with all those subtitles. This, from the people who keep going to those esoteric art house movies, in black and white, with subtitles out the wazoo, bizarre Jungian imagery, and more twists than a pretzel-maker on crack.

Now that the movie is out, and pulling in the punters, the lib/dem/soc/commies are discovering that we"re not buying into the lies. So they"re doing the next best thing. They"re exacting revenge. NPR is doing parodies of the cast selection and story line. ''Unnamed sources'' (see also: cowards) told the New York Times--that bastion of fairness--that they"d never work with Mel Gibson again. ''He"ll Never Work in This Town Again'' is the usual refrain from those who are too big for their britches. You get a lot of that in Hollyweird, apparently.

What should this tell us? 1) Don"t buy into Hollyweird hype. 2) Sometimes, personal conviction is more important than shmooze. 3) Violence in movies that is not gratuitous is sometimes necessary to make a point. 4) You"re not an anti-Semite if you see the movie, and Gibson isn"t one because he made it.

And 5) Remember the lib/dem/soc/commie hypocrisy about this, especially come November.

Now, the actual review of ''The Passion of the Christ'' for those of you waiting for it.

It"s not a movie. It"s an experience. Go, encounter. And skip the popcorn and Jujubes. Trust me on this one.

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Very well put

This response submitted by ninette on 03/01/2004 at 09:38. ( )

It seems to me that Hollywood is making Mel Gibson an outcast for depicting the last 12 hours of the life of Jesus, just as Jesus was made an outcast for being Jesus. As with everything now, if it has to do with our wonderful creator, we are not suppose to do it, say it, think it, etc. I think this movie scares Hollywood because a movie about Jesus took the place of their action, foul language, nude films. I still haven't seen the movie because it is sold out here through March 9. I am going on March 10.

I like how the author gets into stereotypying right off

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/01/2004 at 10:08. ( )

the bat i.e. "lib/dem/soc/commie" Sounds like the author wouldn't know the meaning of Jesus if he was in a new rivetting movie and he stared the author in the face.

This article only breeds contempt and hate for others. Give me a break. There is nothing impeding this movie. It may be the all time gross box office money maker in history. No need to go around blaming someone for that almost not happening.

My two cents

This response submitted by Old MAn on 03/01/2004 at 11:07. ( )

I hear a lot of people saying it was anti-Semitic. I look at it in this way. I am German and Italian. I do not get upset because Hitler killed Jews. I don't try to pretend my race didn't do that. Why are Jewish people so offended by the movie? They don't believe it was god they killed just someone posing as god. I think all the negativity surrounding the film stems from the movie industry being controlled primarily by Jewish people. One question I have is the actor that portrayed God was struck by lightning twice during filming. Was that true? If it was true I think God may have been telling us something.... Just not sure what exactly.

God Bless

Old MAn

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/01/2004 at 11:50. ( )

Actually \nNot all the Jews are against the movie. I saw one Rabbi on CNN that said he did not have a problem with the movie and did not see why any Jew would. Many of those criticizimg the movie have not even seen it.

As far as the lightning strike, I know it happened at least once while the actor was on the cross portraying Jesus as I heard him say so in a preview of the movie. I'm not sure about it happening twice but that could have very well of happened. Here is something else that is erie. The actor was the same age as Christ was when he was asked to play the part and there was another coincidence about the actor but I can't remember what it was. Maybe the same initials are something?


This response submitted by wetnwild on 03/01/2004 at 11:51. ( )

There was a rumor that John kerry was standing in for the actor on the less violent parts, and well you can figure the rest LOL

Here's what I was referring to in the past post

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/01/2004 at 12:33. ( )

The actor that played Jesus was 33 and his intials are J.C. (Jim Cavierzel) A coincidence or not? If a coincidence it is still remarkable.


I gotta defend Cecil FOR ONCE

This response submitted by George on 03/01/2004 at 12:52. ( )

I see where he's coming from. Cecil, IF you watch "fair and balanced reporting" on Fox, Alan Combs of Hannity and Combs (he's the liberal of the pair), he remarked that he's written that Jesus was a Liberal. He explained that he never implied that Jesus was part nor parcel to politics, but that certainly, there are a fair amount of liberals who also believe in Christian doctrine. It IS unfair to use the descriptions above in that light. It's an even sadder shame, as Sean Hannity (the conservative) pointed out that socialism has stolen the liberal platforms and it's just "easier" to lump all the anti-conservative ideas on one group of people. Jesus, WAS, in fact a liberal in the way that he appealed to the poor and how he gave their lives hope where there was little. That's exactly why religion and politics need to stay off of here. Most of us are too eager to paint the person when what we really don't like it the policy. Goes both ways.

cecil is busted

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 03/01/2004 at 19:02. ( rwenglish1@aol.com )

Cecil, so you listen to Rush Limbaugh too. I heard the same interview, I can,t think of anywhere else you would have heard that, everyone else did'nt want anything to do with him. I may be wrong, and I am sure you will correct me, just don't go fibing about it.

Good movie and accurate...............

This response submitted by Mr. KIM on 03/01/2004 at 19:02. ( )

I won't give away any details, but you have to see it to fully grasp the seriousness of Christ.

I saw the movie with my wife and several other authors and reviewers.

It was well done and simply got the point across to the people that have STUDIED the BIBLE. For people that barely crack a book--let alone the Bible, hopefully they got the feeling what this "son of GOD" did for all of us.

However, don't want to go down that path of what is right and what is wrong. Got a feeling that ALL of us will know the answer sooner than we think.


another interesting fact

This response submitted by skullery....Jeff on 03/01/2004 at 19:25. ( )

Cecil the other point you couldn't remember was the fact that not only the same initials, J C, and age 33, but 6 months before J C even auditioned for the movie a stranger came up to him and said you will be playing the part of Jesus. This is called the word of knowledge and is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 1 corinthians 12:8 I know this is real as my 22 year old daughter just recently received this gift. The gift is meant to edify and build up the body of believers in love in Christ. Skullery <><

Randal, no I haven't listened to Rush lately

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/01/2004 at 22:06. ( )

What exactly are you referring to? Heaven forbid I would think or say something similar to Rush.

Jeff, I do remember something about what you are saying come to think of it. I have the tape of the interviews etc. and I'll have to watch it again.

George, I Love you Man! LOL

hey you 2

This response submitted by b bishop on 03/02/2004 at 00:19. ( )

it's not too late , you can still make it to S.F. ! LOL

In you dreams Brad

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/02/2004 at 09:52. ( )

I know I'm quite a hunk but no twinkle toes here. You'll have to find someone else to tie the knot with! LOL

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