Wisconsin Show

Submitted by Mike Dunbar on 03/01/2004 at 19:31. ( )

Wisconsin just completed its annual state,WTA Taxidermy Competition and Deer Classic in Green Bay. There were over 100 competitors and 248 pieces entered, the most ever. The seminars were excellent, including a hands-on pheasant mounting seminar with Mike Orthober and other master taxidermist assistants, and Judges seminars including a business seminar with Barry Smith,(wt. judge) bear shoulder mount with Jody Slusher,(mammals and gameheads judge), casting fish heads with Mike Ross,(fish judge) and larger bird taxidermy, wrapped turkey body, with Charlie Fanta. On Sunday the show wrapped up with a whitetail reference casting seminar with Mike Yeska and Pat Wagner. The awards banquet was again a great time with some of the major winners including:

Judges Choice Best of Show,Breakthrough Award: Red-Eyed Vireo by Mike Orthober

Taxidermists Choice Best of Show: Snow and Blue Geese by Brian Olson

Best All-Around Taxidermist: Ryan Berra

Best of Category Whitetail Single, Masters Division: Mike Yeska

After a long weekend, I believe these to be correct and if anyone is interested in the complete results of the winners in all the divisions, just post and I'll see what I can do.

A great big thank you to all the suppliers and everyone who did so much to make the show such a success. And if you have not joined your state association, do it because there is nothing else like it to help your taxidermy and your enjoyment of what you do. The people at the show were awesome.

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It Was

This response submitted by john on 03/01/2004 at 21:20. ( )

my 5th time attending, and they keep getting better! Thank you to Dave Blank, and the rest of the WTA board for a outstanding show, also everyone else to numerous to name. Can't wait till August in Wausau. John


This response submitted by Dave on 03/02/2004 at 23:37. ( )

Thanks to everyone that attended the show and brought mounts. It was great to see everyone again and let's try to beat this years turnout next year! Hope you all enjoyed that show as much as I did. Thanks Dave

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