What's Up With the IGT

Submitted by steelhead on 03/02/2004 at 11:08. ( )

Does anyone know what's happening with the IGT? I can't get to their website anymore. Are they having a convention this year? Where? When?


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Ask the president Joe Boggs

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/02/2004 at 16:32. ( )

Here's his number:

(812) 926-4868.

Please be patient!

This response submitted by Todd B on 03/02/2004 at 19:26. ( )

I am on the board and I have been working hard to get the sponsors lined up and get the awards lined up. So far I have all of the trophy sponsors and awards. The IGT is going through a bit of a change. As you probably know we were looking at doing something with a "Trade Show" Well from what I am told we are no longer going to go with the trade show idea. So we are having to scramble and get a place set up for the show. We are still planning a show. I will try to fill people in as I find out the information. The IGT is going to have its regular stand alone show. As far as the website they are working on it still. It is being updated and worked on by someone else besides the people we had in the past. Like Cecil said if you have any questions get a hold of Joe Boggs he is the president. The board members are working hard to get everything done so we can have the show. I know it is cutting it close for people to make plans. So please be patient with us.

Todd B


This response submitted by Dave on 03/02/2004 at 23:31. ( dblank8150@aol.com )

Please email me. thanks

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