Computer viruses and taxidermists.

Submitted by Glen Conley on 03/02/2004 at 20:25. ( )

Personal experience tells me that putting your faith in one virus protection program can well be the equivalent of putting all your eggs in one basket. Not keeping anti-virus software programs updated is not a wise move either. Updated may well be a little more often than once a week. A lot of things can happen in a week.

I have been coming on to this Forums for two years now, and I saw the Klez take out several computers from other visitors to this Forums.

When I first came on to this Forums, I was computer illiterate as Hell, no bones about it. There were several people that were on this Forums at the time that helped get me started in the right direction in regards to becoming a little less computer illiterate. I have thanked them more than once, but I still don't think they realize how much I appreciated them taking their time to help me when I needed it.

A problem area that I recognized was that I was not the only one coming on here that was computer illiterate, the difference being, I was a little luckier, and had time to figure out preventitives before I encountered a problem.

A couple of months ago, this computer illiterate set up a page on

courtesy of TrendMicro, to help protect the taxidermy community. TrendMicro has one bunch of savy people that stay on top of things. You will see in visiting that page that we are dealing in real time. How ya like that, computer talk for right now!?!

This is a FREE service. A friend of mine just spent $70 at a computer shop to have a virus deleted from his computer. He had already been to several times for the taxidermy info. I told him, "Hell, probably all they did was go to and hook-up to the free virus scan." Ya gotta love the burn of salt in wounds.

Now, so that I don't have to shake my head, and roll my eyes at you, take advantage of this service. The price is definitely right. Just go to the homepage, scroll down to FREE VIRUS SCAN, and click on it.

That will show you a page with lots of options and information. Choose the free online virus scan, and click on. Follow the instructions as you go along. Choose AUTO CLEAN when that option appears. You will get an automated fix if your computer is infected. It's that easy.

It appears that we are currently being hit with viruses both deliberately, and as auto-generated mailers off e-mail addresses in some taxidermist's (singular of plural) computer. If your computer should be infected by a worm, or Back-Door Trojan, the AUTO CLEAN feature will take care of that for you.

Viruses, worms, and Trojans, and the people that create them are not going to go away, so get used to the idea that you will have to protect your property, and that of your friends'.


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