I need a deer expert

Submitted by George on 03/04/2004 at 21:57. ( georoof@aol.com )

This past weekend, I had Sandy Sylvester down for a training session and we decided that we'd mount "my" deer. I had taken a huge 7 pointer during the Delaware season. It has a 20 inch inside spread and the animal weighed 250 pounds live weight. It was all rutted up.

Knowing I'd never be able to drag the animal the quarter mile back to the truck, I went and got 3 buddies and a 4-Wheeler to help me. We horsed the bruiser up on the rack and I loaded him up and took him directly to the butcher. As I'd made a double lung shot with the shotgun slug, I didn't bother to inspect the hide.

The butcher is a really neat Amish guy who doesn't waste any meat. He skins them down to the ear butts almost before severing the neck. When I got my cape back, it was natty as they usually are and I cut a short "Y" cut and removed the skull.

During fleshing and tanning, I didn't notice anything strange. That is until Sandy began sewing up the "Y". There seemed to be a lot of "extra" hair. As we groomed it, there was even MORE hair and suddenly I realized this huge beautiful buck was a queer deer with a damned MANE. The hair is about 2 inches long and runs almost to the shoulders.

Now I let it stand up normally, but I've taken a lot of grief from Nimrods who say I've done a crappy sewing job. Though sewing ain't my favorite job, it's NOT the sewing. What do you guys do with a mane on a whitetail? This is about the 5th or 6th I've ever had in my shop and I'm a little sad the 7th one had to be mine, but war's hell. I'm planning on leaving it alone. What would YOU guys do?

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Look it over carefully before mounting.

This response submitted by John C on 03/04/2004 at 22:01. ( )

If its a customers deer, I call the guy and have them come look at it. Most say lay it down. If it was mine I would leave it up and put a plaque under it telling it had a mane.

thats an easy one

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 03/04/2004 at 22:29. ( )

Maybe its the location/genetics, but I see plenty of them, some go all the way down, some stop suddenly about half way, many more just are maned for about three or four inches. Anywho, I dont like the way it looks, but I do whatever the customer wants. Normally it stays as per their request. I make my incision to one side of the mane, like with pronghorn, etc. If you dont want the mane, theres good news. Its usually a very narrow strip down the neck that has this, and its only about a quarter of an inch of hide to cut off the one edge to completly eliminate it! Of course, on full length manes that means a full length incision. I know where theres a live buck from my pens with a mane.

Pretty rare in the Ozarks

This response submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 03/05/2004 at 01:46. ( myers.ark@direcway.com )

Out of some 700+ deer I've mounted, I can remember only 2 or 3 that had manes. One I did last year had a mane about 14" long! (The length it went down the neck...not the hair length, which was about 2".) I think it's pretty unique and so do the people who shot the deer. I was sure to point it out, but they'd already noticed it, and wanted it left that way.



This response submitted by Billy Brock on 03/08/2004 at 00:53. ( )

And type in mounting deer with A mane.could not resist the urge to say this ROFLMO

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