Question for Paul Czarnecki ?

Submitted by Alan Mason on 03/04/2004 at 22:13. ( )

What does it cost for non PTA members to get into the convention to view the competition area during the period open to the public?

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yes not Paul

This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 03/05/2004 at 05:03. ( )

There is a fee for any person who wants to view the mounts when it is open to the public. The fee was $3.00 I think last year so figure anywhere from three to five bucks to see the mounts.


This response submitted by Paul C on 03/05/2004 at 08:43. ( )

I should add, Alan, that non-PTA members are not allowed into the seminars or the Supplier's area. Your access will be restricted to only the Competition Room and only on Saturday afternoon.
I can assure you, the cost of a Membership and Convention Registration will be FAR offset by the amount of knowledge you will gain from the seminars and the Suppliers and people you will meet.
Our Suppliers Area has been SOLD OUT for several weeks now and I have added another 4 1/2 hours of seminars to an already full schedule.
Speaking of Suppliers--a few suppliers have joined the PTA Membership Drive and are offering FREE MANNIKINS and other deals to NEW PTA members ONLY! A $38 deer form, three days of seminars from the nation's best taxidermists, a sold out Suppliers' area and the finest (and richest) State Taxidermy Competition in the country just for joining the PTA and attending the convention!
Now, why did you want to JUST view the competition again?

Frank and Paul

This response submitted by Alan Mason on 03/05/2004 at 15:19. ( )

Thanks for the replies fellows. I joined the PTA at the beginning of this year and was inquiring about non-members because I was thinking of inviting a couple of close friends who aren't into taxidermy, but are real outdoor people and wildlife lovers, to meet me there. I'm planning on being there Thursday, Friday, and Staurday and taking in all of the seminars I can fit in. I'm anxious to meet everyone that I've learned from through this forum. Hey Paul, being as I'm a new member as of January 2004, would that qualify me for a free deer form?

Good Question!

This response submitted by Paul on 03/06/2004 at 08:09. ( )

Good question, Alan. It kind of puts me on the spot though. So, I think I'll be a politician for a brief second and divert your question to the "appropriate agency". When you get there Thurs. stop by the McKenzie booth and ask Mike.
The competition area will be open to the public on Saturday afternoon. Go to for a detailed schedule of the entire weekend.
C ya next week!

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