just a thing to correct about islam II

Submitted by Griz on 03/05/2004 at 00:15. ( )

Islam was created by an arab that was mad he wasn't a jew. He was mad that he wasn't born of Isaac, so he created his own religion and took parts of the bible so he would sound legit and that might convince some people, and he then wrote his own book to 'rewrite' the parts he didn't like and the biggest part he didn't like was that Isaac was blessed instead of Hagar and Ishmael. So he came up with his own religion saying they were the blessed ones. Maybe i could write a religion saying americans are the chosen ones, but they ain't the israelites are/were.

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I think " American Tax" is gone

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/05/2004 at 10:37. ( )

he said he was not coming back. Maybe a suicide bomber or the bomb he was making detonated prematurely? LOL

I honestly don't believe this guy was a taxidermist do you?

i think he thought this had something to do with taxes

This response submitted by Griz on 03/05/2004 at 12:34. ( )

But it doesn't hurt everyone to know what islam really is.

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