Just an idea

Submitted by Bob C on 03/03/2004 at 05:38. ( Yea RIGHT! )

I had an idea that some of you may be interested in. Demented people, like this jay person, usually have quite a big mouth and like to brag about their (minute) accompishments. I'm sure there are people out there that know who this sick person is. If enough people on here got together and offered a reward for the identity of this jerk, we may be able to find him. I know I get sick of seeing this crap on here and would be willing to contribute to the fund. Just an idea, since nothing else seems to be working to well.

Bob C

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What would we do

This response submitted by Ron (Wisachgak) on 03/03/2004 at 07:03. ( )

with him once we found out? Take up a fund to bump him off? Im sick of him too but Im thinking there is nothing we can do but suffer his ignorance and the email attacks and to be vigilante against the viruses he or some one is sending out too us.

I only pray

This response submitted by The Rookie on 03/03/2004 at 09:25. ( )

that someone like this will not lead to the eventual downfall of the forums. Don't know what I'd do without them! And I won't tell you what I'd do with the fund. If I made a few calls to Detroit he wouldn't have any fingers to type with. At this point we can only ignore him and hope his ways lead him to everything he deserves.(NOTHING) Jeff F.

It wont stop

This response submitted by **** on 03/03/2004 at 09:29. ( )

untill somebody throws Bob Sloans computer out the window at
7440 La Vista Drive #123
Dallas Texas 75214

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