Is Studio North Magazine still in production?

Submitted by Raven on 03/06/2004 at 10:19. ( )

I'm wondering if anyone knows anythign about some magazines I've seen from the early 90's. They are called "Studio North - The Magazine of North American Wildlife Art".

There's some cool information in there as well as some advertisements. Even some articles written by people that you MAY have heard of; names like Frank Newmeyer and Bruce Rittle ;)

It was originally a Canadian magazine out of Barrie ON, but also had US distribution through Hide and Beak.

I can't find any reference to it on the net.

Just wondering if anyone knew if this publications was still running or if it's a thing of the past. If no one here knows I'll contact Hide and Beak next week but thought I'd ask here first being it's the weekend n all.

Thanks for any input.. Later! =)

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There were only 5 issues published...

This response submitted by PA on 03/06/2004 at 11:58. ( )

It was a nice magazine but the subscriber/advertising base wasn't there I guess.

Actually I checked my library again..

This response submitted by PA on 03/06/2004 at 19:47. ( )

There were 6 issues total : Premier Issue Summer 91, Fall 91, Winter 92, Spring 92, Summer 92, Fall 92.

I got confused with Freeze-Dry world which was 5 stand alone issues prior to it being absorbed/incorporated into Taxidermy Today for a couple issues.


This response submitted by Raven on 03/07/2004 at 09:26. ( )

I have the Fall 91, Vol II no. I and Vol II no. II

I was really hoping they were still around. Ah well...
Thanks for the info PA! =)

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