Back to the 4 million dollar High school football stadium

Submitted by John C on 03/06/2004 at 23:54. ( )

I few weeks ago I posted about the new stadium my town wants to build.

Well they are only $200,000 away from thier goal, the have raised more than $4,100,000.00.

I am suprised as they have done this without any increase in taxes to the local population!

Big Screen for instant replay and all. it just astounds me that the stores, Jaycees and all want donations for a 4Th of July fireworks display but they shell out the money for something like the stadium.

Our local roundup club draws more people pumping money into the community, with rodeos, tractor pulls, Blue grass festivals, demolition derby and on and on.

The people sure shell out the money for the football stadium a one use one function facility.

Will wonders ever cease.

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Our County Commisioners

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/07/2004 at 09:53. ( )

have declared the local river a legal drain so now they are dredging the piss out of it for the local farmers, although it is being challenged in court for the second time. (They lost the first time but that did not stop them from doing it again) It does not seem to matter how many people show up to public hearings to oppose the dredging.

The same commissioners have stopped our recyling program as they say it costs too much. Well yeah... they're wasting our tax money to counter the law suit on the river. Duh...

We can vote them out but no one wants the job. I was even asked if I wanted the job. The pay is low and I couldn't do taxidermy at the same time.

New School Someday

This response submitted by Hoop on 03/07/2004 at 10:04. ( )

The school that my mother went to was built in 1915. I went there in first grade in 1961. Third and fourth grade, I went to the Hendricks building at the Youngstown Air Base. There were several pauses during the day as the fighters took off! My mother had told me, "by the time you're in high school, there will be a new school." Well I graduated from the same building that she did. Now on to my kids. I told them the same story my mother did. Well, my son graduated last year and my daughter is a freshman. They are talking about building a new high school in 2008. Maybe my kids will tell my grandchildren, your great grandmother went to that high school, but I'm sure they will build a new one soon!


This response submitted by Me on 03/08/2004 at 10:21. ( )

Who cares about this crap this is the taxidermy forums. Thanks in advance

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