Indiana convention

Submitted by The Rookie on 03/09/2004 at 09:44. ( NaturesTrophies,aol )

Once again Indiana pulled off a class A convention. Rick Carter had a great seminar on deer heads. Steve Henthorn showed some techniques for mounting a competition bass and did agreat job. He really knows his stuff. Stephen Savidis did a seminar on mounting a duck and did a world class job in the few minutes of class. Even better though was having the opportunity to hang out for a while outside of class. Stephen is truly a one of a kind guy and about as mellow as they come. Doyle Wilson did a seminar on habitats and I'm anxious to try out a few of his techniques. The board said it was one of the toughest groups of judges in the history of the association.
Anyway, this being my first time competing I entered in the amature division. I have to admit i was a little disappointed when I saw my ribbons. My fish took a second only because I didn't know a wall mount still had to be finished on the back. My deer took a third but missed a second by only ONE point. Ouch, thats a bummer.All in all though I learned bunches and will definately be back next year with a renewed fire in my eyes.
A special thanks to Joe Boggs,the board members, and great judges who made it all possible. Peace- Jeff F.

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It was good to see you Jeff.

This response submitted by Todd B on 03/09/2004 at 16:37. ( )

Just keep your score sheets and take what the judges said in your critique and you will do alot better on your next fish. I guarantee it will help you.

Todd B

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