skife knife

Submitted by yasmine on 03/09/2004 at 11:48. ( )

to what does this strange word refer?

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This response submitted by huh on 03/09/2004 at 11:50. ( )

Goto and search for it..

A skife knife is

This response submitted by JL on 03/09/2004 at 17:13. ( )

A knife that has a somewhat similar shape as a potato peeler. Although it has been touted as a taxidermy tool lately, it was used by the leather trade for many years to thin the edge of two pieces of leather they wanted to join together or roll over for a smooth edge.They put glue on each end and pressed them together like joining two straps together. When done right you can barely see the seam. Hope this helps...JL

Great for

This response submitted by 458okie on 03/09/2004 at 20:11. ( )

I use mine for final fleshing in the face and love it! I stretch the skin over a light bulb and pull tight (but not tight enough to break the bulb)and it shaves a thin layer off at a time.

They are available from all your leather supply companies (Tandy, and Tandy outlets for as low as $3.95 or as much as $15.00. The $3.95 model does fine for me. McKenzie also sells them in their new catalog.

You slide a razor blade into a curved slott on the end of the knife and can get replacement blades.

I don't know how I ever lived without one of these knives!



This response submitted by Mike Dunbar on 03/10/2004 at 11:09. ( )

you could use a dremel tool with a barrel sander attachment to achieve the same thing without having to worrying about cutting through the thin face skin. I too tried the skife knife and the light bulb, and after using the dremel, I am glad to say, I don't know how I lived with using the skife knife. I hate them. But that's just me. I also believe the dremel tool is faster, but I didn't use the skife knife a whole lot either.

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