To all those who think there is too much non taxidermy stuff

Submitted by Griz on 03/09/2004 at 11:53. ( )

I think the heavy hitters and power players on here can talk about anything they want to. If I were JOhnC, Bill Yox, George Roof, Cecil, Raven, Bruce Rittel, or one of the other countless posters that answer numerous questions I would quickly become bored if all I did was come on here and answer the "what does wet tan mean" question for the umpteenth billion time. I know that these guys have a passion and really enjoy helping others especially beginners. If they want to tell a joke or talk about "The Passion" or current events or a football Stadium or what music they listen too, or even a lil politics( as long as it doesn't end up a name calling match and drag on forever) I think it is just fine. Im all for it, i enjoy hearing about what is bothering or exciting people. I don't know any of you personally but i can tell your personallities from not just chat but how you answer questions and comments that you post or respond to. You don't get that from answering the how do you clean a skull questions.

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This response submitted by Bruce T. on 03/09/2004 at 13:10. ( )

This is an internet forum and as long as people don't go overboard, it seems they can post whatever they want. My suggestion, is they title their message so I can skip over it if I choose. In reality, if I'm bored I enjoy reading it myself. Thanks

Says who Bruce T.?

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/09/2004 at 13:42. ( )

Are the incognito moderator? LOL

Griz You have a valid Point.

This response submitted by Tenbears on 03/09/2004 at 15:17. ( )

I have Been In taxidermy as a professional for 35 years. Heck I don't know how long ago I found this site 4 years or so I reckon. Before I did. I rarely got to talk to other taxidermists. When I learned. Those who knew, were not at all nice to those who wanted to. and made no bones about it. When I was a beginner I attended one show, in Colorado. What I found was a bunch of pompous A$$es that only wanted to strut around belittling those that were on the first wrung of the latter. As a result, I spent 30 years steering clear of most other taxidermists. I always figured Taxidermists were outcast within their own peer group. Now I come here. I get to talk to other Taxidermists. and not only about Taxidermy. The debates, and discussions, all interest me. Even the ones that have bitter opposition. I have learned a lot here. But not so much about the trade, more so the Taxidermy community. I have discovered the Taxidermist of today, Is a far cry from the ones I knew 30 years ago. Maybe I judged all by the few I had met. Maybe that was my misfortune. But just coming here has broadened my perspective of the industry. It has rekindled my interest. it has shown me that a great majority of the Taxidermists in the world are just like me. People with real lives, aside from Taxidermy. People that are willing to share there knowelege. Experience, and even personal lives with others. For the first time in 30 years. I would like to attend another show. I would like to meet some of the Taxidermist that have evolved in to members of a profession I can say I am proud to be a part of. Yes, I think open discussion of any topic should be fair game. The discussions here have allowed me to get familiar with the views of many people. Now when and if I ever meet them. I will know what topics to bring up. and which ones to avoid, in order to keep a harmonious relationship with everyone.

taxidermy or what

This response submitted by Big Dog on 03/09/2004 at 22:19. ( )

the web site is that means this is mainly for taxidermy that is one of the only reasons why I come here and the other reason is to see all of the B.S. that is said.

Ten Bears

This response submitted by Ron on 03/09/2004 at 23:18. ( )

Sounds like you and I have a lot in common. I learned this profession all on my own and I live so from anything that I never get to speak to other professional taxidermist. Until I found this sight I thought I was the only nutty taxidermist there was. I personaly enjoy the nonsense on here and can't wait till Cecil breaks his vow and starts to blubber again. Wont be long now, demoncrats can change on a dime....whoops, was that a political tease. Sorry, just can't help myself, besides I never agreed to anything. LOL.

Dream on Ron!

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/10/2004 at 00:52. ( )

I won't post a post that is political in nature.

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