Appology for delays -

Submitted by Steve Dean on 03/09/2004 at 16:15. ( )

I need to make a public appology to all who have requested quotes and also for not getting my Frozen items orders out yesterday as planned.
I have been working 18 hour days the past 3 weeks and have fallen way behind in answering some of my e-mails.
Please bare with me and I will get back to you.
I am sorry for the delays as this is not the normal way I like to handle things.
Yesterday morning at 3:45 I became a grandfather again and after that I came back to the office to get the frozen items boxed and ready for UPS.
I then made a quick trip to hand deliver a Deer Cape and on the way back was involved in a car wreck, so I faild to get the items boxed and shipped out.
I will send your orders out next Monday.
Thank you for your understanding and I hope I have not put you to far behind in your projects.
If you have any questions please feel free to call me day or night.

Steve Dean

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Steve you must be a class act

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/09/2004 at 22:28. ( )

Your conscientiousness is something to strive for those in business.

Thanks Cecil !

This response submitted by Steve Dean on 03/11/2004 at 12:47. ( )


Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it.


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