looking for ....

Submitted by yasmine on 03/12/2004 at 11:38. ( yasmineblal@voila.fr )

someone who speaks french

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Well is this enough?

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/12/2004 at 12:13. ( )

Je ne parle Francais. That's just about all I remember from three years of highschool French. Someone else?

French Fry...

This response submitted by Ron (Wisachgak) on 03/12/2004 at 15:12. ( )

French bread...sorry, Im just a Hoosier hick, I do well to master english.


This response submitted by Bruce on 03/12/2004 at 16:17. ( )

Ich spreche ein bischen Deutsch.
I speak a little German.
But, alas no French.
I have a suggestion, that you can take or leave; up to you
This whole message would probably fit on the title.
It might help to get more French speakers into this post.

Gerrard Tessier

This response submitted by @quebecfleshingmachines on 03/12/2004 at 20:10. ( )

try Quebec Fleshing Machines, they have a web-site, and he speaks French I think.


e-mail: info@fleshing.ca


This response submitted by Quebec Fleshing on 03/12/2004 at 20:18. ( )

Francais at the site: http://www.fleshing.ca/

Bonjour Yasmine

This response submitted by Brandon on 03/12/2004 at 22:57. ( taxidermy@tds.net )

Je puis parler. Que devez-vous savoir?

I speak it fluently

This response submitted by Hogger on 03/13/2004 at 06:48. ( )


American English- "We will face our enemies on their own soil"

French translation- "We are scared, we don't want to fight!"

American English- "We worship freedom"

French translation- "We hate those yankee freedom lovers!"

I could go on if you like? #%@&*! the French!

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