Jody Green whitetail forms

Submitted by Bruce Anderson on 03/10/2004 at 17:31. ( )

Just mounted big whitetail on a Jody Green form, and I am impressed.
There are a lot of forms on the market and in my opinion only a few have "the look" of a whitetail deer. You can do an outstanding job of mounting on some forms and still miss that look. Jody Green has hit a home run on his line of forms. I age the deer I take in so that I can recreate the look according to age, and most forms have to be altered for that mature buck look. Jody's is on the money right out of the box! Your customers will love their whitetail mounted on one of his forms.

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This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 03/11/2004 at 01:08. ( )

I am an Illinois Taxidermist and I love Jody Green's work. Unfortunately I have never met him but I actually started buying Joe Coombs forms because I seen that Jody was winning multiple awards with them. Since then those are the only deer forms I have been using but I would love to try one of Jody's forms. In the mean time I would love for you to email me a picture of your buck that you mounted on his form. Thanks a million and with any luck maybe I will get to meet Jody at the Illinois show coming up. Thanks, Dan Hudzik

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