Is anyone else getting a flyer from a funeral home supplier?

Submitted by Cecil on 03/10/2004 at 23:20. ( )

Just wondering. I get one every few months. I wonder who put me on THAT list?

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Wasn't me, but...

This response submitted by Jan George on 03/11/2004 at 00:00. ( )

Wasn't me, but I could see you as an undertaker. Just a little humor there, Cecil. I do use embalming fluid (very diluted) every once in a while, but I didn't put you on the list of preferred cusotmers.

Maybe they're

This response submitted by wetnwild on 03/11/2004 at 04:54. ( )

Trying to tell you something! I KNOW! Maybe its george Bush's fault!

Hey Cecil

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 03/11/2004 at 09:49. ( )

If you get another please forward it to me. They have all kinds of neat stuff I'd like to get my hands on

O.K. Tony I will

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/11/2004 at 12:32. ( )

Don't use any of that stuff around here! Email me your mailin address. I'm due for another one soon unless they are giving up on me.

Jeez Tony beat me to it

This response submitted by PA on 03/11/2004 at 18:24. ( )

I was going to ask the same thing. What is the name of the company?

I don't remember I threw out the last flyer

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/11/2004 at 18:27. ( )

But if I get another one I will post the name.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 03/11/2004 at 22:40. ( )

Was it from "Yox's Boxes" custom casket company? How about "Dead Ed's House of Stainless"? Maybe "Slab Fab"? Like Tony, Id like to see that catolog too.

embalming supplies

This response submitted by Chip D. on 03/12/2004 at 10:05. ( )

If anybody wants to get a catalog or flyers from a embalmers supply
company, you can look up Dodge Funeral Supplies ( or Pierce Funeral supplies( on the net and they have web sites that you can contact them and I think they will send you a catalog. I used to use them when I was an embalmer and I ue some of their products now,ie. feature builder, cavity fluid (strong formalin
content)(I dilute this in water and alcohol for some wet preservation work), they also carry a syringe that is used to inject or apply a product that is used in the Embalming industry known as Innerseal which has a putty like consistancy and dries hard, this syringe is great for injecting bondo into ears or building vessels mannikins or even building up features on mannikins.
get in good with your local funeral home most are great to work with
they might even order stuff you want and you can pay them for it or work out a trade on a mount. (and it's always nice to be friends with
an undertaker, just think we are kinda in the same business, HA HA )
just thought I'd pass this along. Hope it helps someone

Oh it was me either cecil

This response submitted by Chip D. on 03/12/2004 at 10:08. ( )

It wasn't me with the flyer thing even though you've been kinda dead on the Industry Forum lately, LMAO!

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