Business program?

Submitted by Jack F on 03/11/2004 at 02:13. ( )

I was wondering if there are any Taxidermy Business Programs out there for my computer. I have one that I use for my Blue Stone business and it is great. Now that my Taxidermy business is doing so well I need to get rid of the pile of receipts on my counter and put them into readable book form. Has anyone used Quickbook Pro? I have heard it is one of the best for a small business. I use Quicken and Money now but was thinking of trying a new program. I am no computer person by any means. But I have to keep track of my business trans-actions for good old uncle sam. I have my business registered at the County leval and am applying State leval. Also set up with tax number for sales tax for this year. I think I saw something in the archives about a Taxidermy Program a while ago but can't remember where. I think it was in an unrelated post for something else. I will be checking this post for responce in a couple days. Thanks to you all Jack F. Wild Expressions Taxidermy

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Taxi Shop

This response submitted by Bruce on 03/11/2004 at 08:18. ( )

I use Taxi Shop and feel it is the best the industry offers.

You can get it from Tom McNeal at 630-961-9637


This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 03/11/2004 at 09:41. ( )

Tom's Great

I Agree

This response submitted by Eric on 03/11/2004 at 12:34. ( )


Try Trophy Mount System instead

This response submitted by Todd Neuschwanger on 03/12/2004 at 03:31. ( )

You should look at Trophy Mount System, Taxidermy business software. In a head to head comparison, I"d say you get more features for less money. You can download a free demonstration of version 1 at your leisure to see if you like it. Version 1 is reasonably priced at half the cost of TaxiShop. If you decide you want even more features, you could move up to version 2. Still half the cost if you include the extra money required to update from older versions of TaxiShop.

If you like what you see in Trophy Mount System version 1 demonstration, you can request a free CD demonstration of version 2. Version 2 has more features; therefore it is too large for download. Send your postal service address in a private email (email address above) if you would like to try the Version 2 CD of Trophy Mount System.

See if you can get a demonstration version of TaxiShop before you make your choice÷ Try before you buy!

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