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Submitted by Len Gums on 03/14/2004 at 12:20. ( lengums@wi.rr.com )

I have heard from a few people that Dan Rinehart's Taxidermy School is "Certified" through the NTA and being advertised as the "only" school certified. I did not know that the NTA had any Certification Program set up for schools.I have gone through the Outlook magazine's and could not find anything on this. If a Certification program has been OK'd by the NTA, why haven't we heard about it? What is the reason for doing this? I have a concern here as Dan is on the Board of Director's for the NTA and how did he get this set up.. Would some Board member please explain to me if this is correct or I am getting false information.

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This response submitted by Bill Haynes on 03/14/2004 at 12:52. ( )

Scroll down to the "NTA" post at 8:43am this morning and read George's


This response submitted by Bill Haynes on 03/14/2004 at 12:54. ( )

If you will email George, he will explain the whole thing.

Here's the story. The WHOLE story.

This response submitted by George on 03/14/2004 at 15:26. ( )

For years, the NTA has been on a shoestring budget. For their $50 dues each year, we provide nearly $75 in benefits, perks, and ancillary services. As a group, we understood that it was only for so long that we could withstand that draw and pay for those extra services with convention and advertising profits. Instead of raising membership dues to the requisite $75, we had to explore other avenues first.

In reaching big businesses looking for endorsements and sponsorships, we required a professional package to present them. How would you like to go up the president of Goodyear and tell them that you would like a sponsorship and only have a Xeroxed sheet to explain that you were the National Taxidermy Association representing over 2000 taxidermists and thousands of outdoorsmen? Not very professional.

When the winter board meeting, these issues were discussed along with the feasibility of having a "sponsorship" program. Dan Rinehart stated that his taxidermy school had a proposition and that to present it and protect copyright priviledges, he would like to go into Executive Session to show the board priviledged information. (The rules of Executive Session preclude me from discussing exactly what happened, but when the session closed the rest of the discussion was entered into the meeting minutes.) When we reconvened, it was announced that Dan Rinehart Taxidermy School had offered to provide the NTA with free national television advertising in return for being granted exclusive NTA SPONSORSHIP authority. It was, however, implicitly stated that before such sponsorship took place, Dan Rinehart would have to present a contract along with the life of the contract to the NTA lawyer to decide if any labor, anti-trust, commerce laws or the NTA charter were being violated in the practice. If it were unable to pass that scrutiny, it was assumed the deal would be dead.

TO DATE absolutely NO CONTRACT HAS BEEN PRESENTED TO THE NTA. I have not seen the alledged advertisement BUT Dan was extremely premature at best or presumptive at worst in his eagerness.

I will remind all of you that the NTA holds the words "certified" or "indorsed" very close to the vest. NEVER would the NTA indorse or certify any entity, product or organization PERIOD.

The NTA is solvent and as long as I have a vote, it will stay that way. We could use sponsorships and it will remain a viable avenue to maintaining our funds without increasing our membership fees. This particular case is regretable, but nothing NOTHING is final here. This will obviously be hotbutton issue at our Annual Board Meeting in Huntsville in July.

I'd invite any of you who have a larger interest in this issue that you visit the NTA website and await an "official" response from NTA President Mark Wilson.

Thanks George

This response submitted by Len on 03/14/2004 at 19:10. ( lengums@wi.rr.com )

I appreciate you taking the time to explain this issue. I was not aware of any "certification" or "sponsorship program" by the NTA.I also did check the NTA Outlook and website before I posted this, but could not find any info.I do agree that the NTA needs to find new ways to increase revenues. I don't have a problem with a "sponsorship" program for big business's to increase the NTA's revenue, but I do have a problem with a Board member of the NTA bringing in his own idea with an " Exclusive " sponsorship that is also benefiting him. I believe that this is a conflict of interest and should be addressed by all the NTA Board members. I also believe that if it is true about the advertising by Dan Rinehart's Taxidermy School,he should also be notified to retract his advertising until this matter is cleared up. If you have any questions from me, feel free to contact me. I will be watching the NTA website for an "official" response.

Thank You

This response submitted by Chip on 03/14/2004 at 21:21. ( cstamper@taxidermy-schools.com )

Thank you George, for your explanation and clarification of this matter. I try very hard to not get involved in matters of this nature, but, this one is of obvious interest ot me. I am very concerned. I will be watching the NTA websight and this issue very closely.

Chip Stamper
Missouri Taxidermy Institute

Interesting topic

This response submitted by Harry Paulson on 03/15/2004 at 01:50. ( Taxidermyschool@juno.com )

Taxidermy schools have been teaching for the last 30 years and more . I have taught a taxidermy school,9 week sessions since 1974, The fact is that John Rhinehart and I started this total program of 9 week taxidermy courses. Many others have followed.
While I realize after being a past NTA Director for over 12 years, that certain issues have and are considered during executive session .It seems funny to me and evidentally many others why no mention of such certifications of any schools was ever brought up in the NTA Outlook publication, so that others could avail themselves of having the NTA certify their schools. What kind of association would condon this? As a Lifetime member of this group I understand why members are critical of board room tactics and I voice strong objections to Mr Rhineharts using his position as an NTA Director to further hs own personal agenda.

Harry, did I miss something?

This response submitted by George on 03/15/2004 at 08:29. ( )

I stated in there that there IS NO SUCH 'CERTIFICATION'. Never was, never will be. It hasn't been in the Outlook or on our website yet, because it just happened in February and most of us were under the impression that it was still an ongoing issue and not a "done deal". We, as a board, will fix this.

Having sat on the NTA board as long as you did, I'm surprised at your last comments. I've been a member of the NTA since its inception and a life member now for maybe 15 years? I recall not being too impressed with boards you sat on, but only because I was on the outside looking in. It's easy to take pot shots from the peanut gallery, but when you're on the playing field, it gets a little tougher. Every board meeting the NTA hold is open to our membership. I understand many of you not being eager to fly to New Orleans in February around the time of the Mardi Gras, but our Annual Meeting is always held at the convention site. Please join us and you'll see this is not an all "fun and games" coffee klatch. I dare say that most of the board members seldom get to visit the host city. I know the last two I've worked, I saw the insides of the convention centers in Columbia, Missouri and in Louisville. That's as close as I ever got to the city itself.

Now, I don't want any of you taking that the wrong way either. I certainly don't want your pity, I LIKE what I do for the NTA and its membership. I VOLUNTEER to do it. I DON'T GET PAID TO DO IT. But the satisfaction of pulling up such a show is gratifying and you learn from the experience so that the next one is just a little better you hope. My job gets so much easier when I have NTA members telling me what they think OR coming to the Board Meeting and standing up and voicing their opinions as to how the Board should act. (All you have to do is raise your hand, and be recognized.) I'd invite each of you attending the Huntsville show to get there a day early and come to the board meeting. Watch how this particular issue and many more play out in front of you. There won't be any pomp and ceremony. WE TOO ARE TAXIDERMISTS. We'll be there in jeans and polo shirts just like you and you certainly will be welcomed.

I smell a rat...

This response submitted by Paul on 03/15/2004 at 15:29. ( )

I'm sure the NTA Board of Directors, under the capable hands of Mark Wilson and Greg Crain, will get to the bottom of this. However, I'm troubled by the secrecy surrounding this incident and another one that appears to have occurred some time ago. I was told this weekend that a certain well known Canadian Director resigned from the NTA Board of Directors LAST YEAR! I'm sure the NTA members would like to know why he resigned and who replaced him. According to NTA Bylaws, when a Director resigns the President is to appoint someone to serve the rest of that Director's term. That person is chosen based on votes recieved in that year's election.
If my information was correct why did the Director in question resign and who replaced his seat on the Board of Directors?
And finally, why wasn't the NTA membership informed of such a critical loss?

Paul, people who sell wolf tickets often get eaten

This response submitted by George on 03/15/2004 at 16:22. ( )

As we only have ONE NTA Director from Canada (Ken Walker) and Ken is still sitting on the board, will be doing seminars in Huntsville, and will be sitting in his usual place at the Board Meeting, I guess you can "assume" your information to be incorrect on that as well. Ken was never "replaced" since he NEVER RESIGNED. Since you seem so concerned about truthfulness, why not tell us who exactly started that lie?

Like Harry, YOU know what Executive Sessions are about. Some of us still believe in integrity and honor our words. I've described EVERYTHING that could be described while maintaining my integrity. NOTHING is swept under the boards here, and as I've said dozens of times before, more detailed information is available to any member requesting it. Mark Wilson is preparing his posting for the NTA website and such matters should be addressed on that forum instead of this one.

Thanks George

This response submitted by Paul on 03/15/2004 at 16:37. ( )

I heard the "lie" firsthand from a very good friend of Mr. Walker's.
One of his Best friends, I believe.
I wasn't "selling wolf tickets" George, I asked a question and you answered it. Let's leave it at that, shall we?

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