GREAT Pa show!

Submitted by Alan Mason on 03/14/2004 at 21:42. ( )

Pa state show was awesome. Learned a few things at the seminars, meet some really nice folks, and got some great buys from the suppliers.
There were about 315 pieces entered in the competition with a lot of variety and some unusual pieces. I didn't compete but hope to next year. A lot of really outstanding mounts. This was my first time attending a show and I was a little hesitant about going but it was well worth the price and I can't wait to attend next years show. Great job by all of the PTA officers and helping members on putting on a great show.

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PTA Convention

This response submitted by Andy Storm on 03/14/2004 at 22:01. ( )

I have a cousin who displayed a bear looking into a stream at some salmon at the convention, so I drove almost three hours to vote for it(People's Choice Award.) I also am interested in taxidermy and have begun buying animals for mounting off this site.I figured going to the Convention would give me some good ideas for my mounts, and also allow me to purchase items from the suppliers at a reasonable price. However, I found out as I TRIED to enter the front doors, you must be a member to gain access to the suppliers and even to enter the facility before an alloted time. I don't have a problem following rules, I just wish that when I was on the PTA website they would state this fact. Maybe I overlooked something. But what I did see there was pretty cool and probably will join next year and begin entering displays myself.Take care all

Thats standard for all the shows I have been to.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 03/14/2004 at 23:00. ( )

Normally people woll contact the person listed and get the information.

Just a thought for you. If they let everyone in to buy supplies that were not memebrs, how would the association benefit?

Thats one of the membership perks!

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