Thoughts on the PA Taxidermy Show

Submitted by Mark on 03/14/2004 at 23:48. ( )

Just wanted to express our appreciation at T R Supply for letting us be part of your 25th Anniversary Convention. The enthusiasm your membership has for the association is great.

Linda and I had a chance to meet in person so many customers we had only known over the internet or phone. We also got a chance to see some old friends like Frank Kotula, Mike Rohanna and many others.

I never had the opportunity to see any of the seminars (we kept a little busy) except for the "In Booth Seminars" in Hilton Eppley's Booth by Tim Jordan and Mike Rohanna and they were AWESOME.

Hope you had as much fun as we did and hopefully we'll have the opportunity to see you again next year.

Thanks again,
Mark and Linda Haineault
T R Supply

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Thank You !

This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 03/15/2004 at 07:05. ( )

Mark we would like to say thanks for you did at our show and the way you treated all the folks there. I heard so much good for the people who delt with you there and the great products you carried.
It was also Great to see you and your lovly wife again and hope to get caught up with you again soon. What a pleasure!
Again many thanks, you helped give us one of the best shows ever!

You didn't come see me Frank !

This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 03/15/2004 at 08:46. ( )

I was only set up two booths down from Mark. I did get the opportunity to visit with a few friends who came by my library display/sale booth. The PTA did a wonderful job on the convention and it was a truly class act.

politics at it's best

This response submitted by spectator on 03/15/2004 at 12:01. ( )

I went to the PA taxidermy show and there was some real talent there, but once again the small man loses because of all the politics going on. I guess it just depends on who you know? Just to let you know I'm not a disgruntled competitor I was just an observer, and I just just see it.

What politics are you refering to.

This response submitted by another spectator on 03/15/2004 at 12:20. ( )

I was there friday and saturday. I didn't see any "politics" going on
at all. I got hammered (and rightly so) in the competition and I certainly didn't see any politics there.... Seminars were great, and
the suppliers were more that generous. The only way ANYONE could loose
was if they had a sour attitude before they showed up at the convention.

Is that right

This response submitted by spectator on 03/15/2004 at 12:27. ( )

Well I definetly did not have a sour attitude. I've been going to these show's since I was about 13 years old. You aren't going to walk in and actually see the politics going on, but if you go to the show's long enough you catch on real fast. I'm not saying that there are not honest judges out there because I know there are. but the PA show is one that is definetly political in my opinion. That's all it is to is my opinion. I think they need to change up some of the board members.


This response submitted by SPECTATOR on 03/15/2004 at 12:28. ( )

Where in my post did I mention anything about the seminars or suppliers? I didn't!

And Just WHO needs to be "changed up"?

This response submitted by Paul Czarnecki on 03/15/2004 at 13:12. ( )

Mr. Anonymous Spectator:
In your humble, anonymous opinion, what Board Members need to be "changed up"? I would really like to know. All the board Members of the PTA worked their asses off so you could come in and view the show and watch the seminars in anonymity. Which Board member would you like to see removed?
You don't have the testicular fortitude to even leave your name so I don't suspect you would have the guts to offer a suggestion but how about some facts about these "political" things you have observed. Exactly what went on to give you the ideas you have belched forth here? Since you claim to have been around these shows since you were 13 years old you must surely know that the judges were not Board Members so you must be implying that the Board Members are corrupt. As an Officer of the PTA I am politely asking you to divulge some facts behind your accusations. I was in the competition room most of the time the judging was going on--that is, when I wasn't in the Seminar rooms making sure YOU, Mr. Anonymous, could watch the vast array of education offered to you.
Give us some facts to investigate and we will do it. The PTA is the LARGEST state association in the country (500+ members), with the LARGEST competition (315 pieces) and GIVES AWAY more money than ANY other association ($18,000+). None of the above would be possible without the YEARLONG efforts of a very dedicated Board of Directors.
To sit back and make statements on these Forums about a Board of Directors that has just worked their butts off for YOU without even divulging your name is not only gutless-- its PATHETIC!
Give us your name and some "facts" to investigate or crawl back under your rock!


This response submitted by SPECTATOR on 03/15/2004 at 13:46. ( )

Wow, I definetly struck a nerve there didn't I? Since you asked I think it's you that should be replaced.I'm not under any rock I'm right here in the open with my eye's wide open.


This response submitted by Paul B on 03/15/2004 at 14:15. ( )

Competitions and Judges
Submitted by gary on 01/16/2004. ( )

Fortunately for the PTA...

This response submitted by Perry on 03/15/2004 at 14:22. ( )

there are only a few "spectators". Paul and the other board members
do an outstanding job, for no pay. As the name "spectator" implies you
obviously just like to sit and watch. Did you vote in the PTA elections?
if you did, great, unfortunately for you, the vast majority of PTA members
recognize and appreciate the effort of Paul, the officers, entire board, and
volunteers that put together our convention and competition. That is why
Paul was elected VP. If you really feel like things need changed, run
for the board directors next year.

People mistake "politics" for comradery

This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 03/15/2004 at 14:47. ( )

I have attended the Pennsylvania Taxidermists Association meeting perhaps 6 times in the last 20 years (the first I think was 1984? in Butler), and even served as a board member for a two year stint - even though I am not, nor have I ever been, a commercial licensed taxidermist. I have seen no "shenanigans" as far as judging, but have repeatedly seen disgruntled taxidermists who claimed the judges were corrupted by politics and that "so-and-so" only won the award because he knew someone else. The effort that the PTA board puts forth for the show is a lot more than you probably could even envision.

Because the PA taxidermy meeting is so good, it draws out some of the very best taxidermists in the US and over the years it becomes a place that one taxidermist will actually get to see another from 3000 miles away. Friendship of the taxidermists may cause the non-informed to think that there are "clicks". In truth, because taxidermists are actually social creatures (at least to other taxidermists), the conventions turn into coffee clutches. Most of the time taxidermists only talk to one another over the internet - which makes it impersonal. I did see Perry above (thanks for the items), but only passed Paul for a second on my way out of the building. He was so busy working the convention that he and I never got to talk - and we had already arranged to meet during the convention.

WELL.......How about a name and....

This response submitted by The Corrupt one on 03/15/2004 at 14:50. ( )

You know me but I don't know you-- how about a name. Along with your name, how about some facts about what I did that was so "corrupt" and "political". Any time you want my jobs within the PTA you are MORE than welcome to take over. Since your eyes are "wide open" you must know that I was in charge of Judges and Seminars and Co-Chaired the Competition. It required roughly 250 Long Distance phone calls, 150+ hours of planning and scheduling and that was before the Convention started! We had to be at the Convention Center Wednesday morning to set up the backboards and make the arrangements for the seminars so you could be a "spectator". Board members were not allowed to compete so that we could devote all our energy to the convention. Friday night/Saturday morning I got a total of 1 1/2 hours of sleep.
I didn't leave the Convention Center until 1:00 PM on Sunday. My total out-of-pocket expenses totaled $627. I never watched a single seminar and by the time I got to shop for supplies most of the suppliers were sold out of what I needed. I did recieve compensation though--my Convention Registration fee was waived!
I envy you, Mr. Spectator, I would LOVE to be able to go the largest State Convention/Competition in the country and just "observe". I would love to be able to relax all weekend and enjoy the convention and the many seminars. I would love to be able to walk through a SOLD OUT Supplier's area and purchase discounted supplies. I would dearly love to sit at a SOLD OUT Banquet and enjoy the festivities without a care or worry. And finally, I would love to compete for some of the $18,000 in prize money that was offered by the PTA.
But I can't! I can't because I have a responsiblity to the PTA and its 500+ members to help put on the largest convention in State Association history! I honestly hope you are a PTA member and not just a "spectator" as you claim. If you are, and you feel I have let you down tell me what I did and my jobs can become yours with a couple of phone calls.


This response submitted by SPECTATOR on 03/15/2004 at 15:22. ( )

You say you would love to go and relax at a show and be able to look around. Well do it. Nobody's making you have all that responsibility. You complain about not getting any sleep and being up all night because of the show? Well you chose to do it.

Great show

This response submitted by Gregg Ielfield on 03/15/2004 at 16:21. ( )

I guess I have to jump in here , Yes mr. who ever since you will give your name ! there is politics at the show! We the PTA members vote( politics) the board members and vote more (politics) the president in. As far as other things going on I do think you are way wrong. Mr. who ever.
That board put in so much personal time, ( I am vp for NY ) so I know how much time and heart it takes to be on the board or should I say be in politics & put your head out there so people like you can piss and moan that there is politics at the show, Tell you what run for office next year and really see what goes on behind the scenes ,( no sleep for some lack of eating right just to have moan about the show. Leave your name or run for office.

Many thanks to the PTA board for putting on such a great show LOok out NTA because the PTA is coming

Gregg Ielfield

Thanks Mark and Linda

This response submitted by Mike Rohanna on 03/15/2004 at 17:42. ( )

Getting back to the original post, it was very nice seeing you and Linda also. Mary Kay said to say hello, and was glad to finally put a face with your voice! We enjoyed the entire weekend, got to see some old friends, and made some new ones also. Thanks for coming down and take care.
Mike R

To Whom It May Concern

This response submitted by PTA President, Dan Snyder on 03/15/2004 at 18:15. ( )

After having read these posts, gone thru the politics issue, and the accusations of wrong doing by the PTA officers and/or Board of Directors I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you one on one. I can be reached at 724-253-4374 or by email at

Following our conversation I will consider your opinion and evidence of your accusations and will submit such to the Board of Directors to determine if there has been any wrong doing or ethical violations by any members or officers of the PTA. If the evidence is proven, I will immediately require an ethics hearing. The results of these hearings can and have in the past resulted in members being censured.

Waiting For Your Reply,
Dan Snyder, President
Pennsylvania Taxidermist Association, Inc.

I have just one thing to say

This response submitted by r stanton on 03/15/2004 at 18:18. ( )

i could not have been more delighted with the entire show! If my home state (NY) turns out a show half as good i'll be entirely happy. I wish i had put two and two together-- thanks to the Taxidermologist for the Taxidermy Today Magazine with the article on mounting a porcupine...

PTA rules!

This response submitted by woodchick on 03/15/2004 at 21:25. ( )

Again this year, the PTA has put on a magnificent show. Better than ever! I competed in Proffessional division with a coyote and a woodcock and recieved very fair judgment on both and excellent critiques to boot! I give all the praise in the world to the Board of Directors of the PTA and all commitee members who made the show the sucess it was. As always the seminars were above board and very informative. Last but not least, I was excited to see my good friends from years past and meet new friends( up till 2am in the lobby :) )
talk to ya all next year!


This response submitted by DaveT on 03/15/2004 at 22:12. ( )

I have never been to the PTA show but man I wish I had. It is a shame when folks get attacked for their FREE labor and efforts. I applaud the Board and Officers of the PTA, they obviously are doing something right and put on a great show. Congrats to Mike Rohanna and Pat Rummans and the rest of the winners.



This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 03/17/2004 at 05:31. ( )

Dang I missed you and many regrets about it. I hope to catch up with you some day and rethrow the bull.

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