A few things I learnt this weekend while doing a sportshow

Submitted by DP on 03/15/2004 at 12:24. ( )

Did my first show last weekend for advertising purposes. Was well worth my money, I beleive I'll have alot of new customers now. However I found out that kids in that 3-7yr range love taxidermy. And cannot read Do Not Touch signs. I swear every kid that walked by my booth put their fingure on the Envirotex scene(no huge biggy),but alot of them pet the duck that was standing in it. I also had shoulder mount deer on the table, so they found it appropriate to comb the hair with there hands up towards the face. And I had a 360 Nothern on the table, tail fin facing out, so they wanted to make him swim by moving its tail back in fourth witch resulted in a cracked tail. I even had a mentaly challenged guy probably mid 20s come up and start punching my deer head in the neck. Damn near knocked my table over. Needless to say my neck got tight a few times this weekend but I think it was well worth it. Just wish parents would pay a little more attention to their kids at these things.

God Bless us Taxidermists

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Kids, gota love em

This response submitted by Bojack on 03/15/2004 at 13:00. ( )

I used to have black family that lived next to me. Their young son used to come over all the time. Follow me around, loved to help me do yard work (still cant figure that one out). One day he came over and wanted to have his basketball aired up so I told him to follow me to my shop. When I turned around say something he wasnt in the shop. I walked out the door and he was standing under my carport like hed seen a ghost, eyes big as silver dollars. Hed seen a bobcat mount in my shop. Scared him to death. He asked me was that thing real?

Set the mounts out of reach even adults wanna touch.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 03/15/2004 at 13:10. ( )

I think everyone has those problems!

Build a backboard that can stand by itself at the back of the booth.

Set up tables and cover a light colored cloth, remember light colors reflect light and it makes you mount look more colorfull. Black make things dark and depressive.

The tables can be whatever length you need them you can also stair step them and drape the light colored cloth, I like a yellow ochre color.

Use a table at the front of the booth to block people from walking up and touching the mounts.

Have a photo album or two for people to browes through. I seperate the pics into groups, fish, birds etc.

If you have a nice showroom and a location have a endless video tape running showing the outside the showroom and how work in logged in. maybe doing some finish work on a head or painting a fish or both. Dont show blood and guts. Then show some clients picking up thier mounts and thier smiling faces.

If you get stuck in a dark corner at a show, be sure to use portable flood lights, I use clamp on with 75 watt bulbs on an extended arm out over the mounts.

Talk to each person if you really want the business, have several thousand business cards available, you can go through them at a show.

I know some people will disagree, but this is they way I see things, dont smoke in your booth, dont chew tobacco, have a tall stool to sit on, that way you see the customer eye to eye.

Dress proffesionally! Jeans are fine but IRON them, a screen printed shirt or emroderied with business name and town (should reflect your yellow page ads) I DONT RECOMMEND ANY CAMOFLAUGE except on the front table.

Dressing in camoflauge may be fun, but the prospective clients need to be able to read your name and business all in five seconds (time studies show thats all people will read, same for the lettering on your car or truck)

Look up resume books online or nearest book store. Learn and use the action verbs.

Dont be afraid to show some of your awards, talk to the crowd. Pay extra for a good booth location, even if its twice the price.


Have someone else to proff rede any pirinted matterialls.

You can save a lot of printing fews by using Kinkos. They will also print on your paper if you have something that looks good.

Im not bashful...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 03/15/2004 at 14:02. ( )

I probably wouldnt have been prepared for the deer boxing adult, but those kids wouldve caught my eye right away. I prefer to stand when folks approach, or when Im speaking to someone. When you stand behind a mount it seems those little hands are a tad bit more apprehensive! If I need to, I tell the children that its a look but dont touch display. If I embarrass a few people, so be it. Thats sorting out potential clients right from the git-go, isnt that what you were there for? hahaha! I set up my booth so that mounts are more vertical presentations and can be set back away from hands. If its more family oriented, Ill have a shed antler and a fur on the table to keep the inquisitive hands busy. And one last thing. Be curteous when you speak to people. Dont refer to a family as a "black family" unless being black is pertinent to the story (see second post in this thread).

Sorry Bill

This response submitted by Bojack on 03/15/2004 at 14:16. ( )

I forgot how Yankees may take offense to something like that.

Maybe I shoulda used Melanistic

This response submitted by Bojack on 03/15/2004 at 14:17. ( )


....Or Colored

This response submitted by bojack on 03/15/2004 at 14:18. ( )


African American Maybe?

This response submitted by bojack on 03/15/2004 at 14:18. ( )


If I hadnt used "Black Family"..

This response submitted by Bojack on 03/15/2004 at 14:25. ( )

some might have thought I had a little mexican kid following me around, or a chinese, or a middle eastern kid. who knows?
I certainly didn't meen anything durogatory by the comment. they were good people and I miss them as neighbors.

or maybe

This response submitted by terry v on 03/15/2004 at 14:47. ( )

they would have just thought he was a kid?


This response submitted by BOJACK on 03/15/2004 at 15:31. ( )



This response submitted by Richard C on 03/15/2004 at 16:26. ( )

"Not all yankees"

my point exactly

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 03/15/2004 at 16:27. ( )

I say, what difference DID it make? Look, Im a guy who still thinks black is black, and ok to say when relavent, and Im not PC by any means. But this was a post about presenting ourselves to the public, and your comment was used by me to illustrate that. The story would have gone exactly the same if you didnt tell us his skin color, thats all. We have all done this, bojack, so we all learn. Thats all I meant. By the way, up north here, we dont mention yankees, mason dixie lines and the war too awlful much...it seldom crosses our minds. People are people, my man.

Perhaps Porch Monkeys

This response submitted by Fat Albert on 03/15/2004 at 16:29. ( )

lmao Bo Jack

I shouldn't

This response submitted by Fat Albert on 03/15/2004 at 16:52. ( )

Lord I apolagize for talking bout the nice black folk and the starving Pigmees down there in New Guiney.


Sorry Bill

This response submitted by Bojack on 03/15/2004 at 16:56. ( )

It seemed to me that you were saying I was in the wrong mentioning that. I dont think I was. I have tons of stories of this little guy who lived next to me. Anytime I tell those stories to anyone I start off by saying "this little black boy" I dont meen any disrespect to him or his family or his race. that just the way I start the story so, whoever , has a mental picture I guess.
I know what the start of this thread was about.
It just made me think about the boy next door.


This response submitted by Jeanette Hall on 03/15/2004 at 19:34. ( eagle93245@yahoo.com )

I just finished up my showpiece this Sunday. I really can't cart it home because it is huge, so I wheeled it onto the shop showroom this morning. A nice man came in and he brought is 6 year old son. I really didn't think to much about it until I remembered reading this post earlier this morning. I hurried out to the showroom and found the kid circling my mount like a small vulture. I let him know I was watching him and after he left without molesting my mount I could breathe again.

Not the kids fault.

This response submitted by Bill K. on 03/15/2004 at 23:21. ( klager@nvc.net )

I've often thought of keeping a yardstick handy. That way when the kid reaches for my mount I could slap the parent with it! Maybe they'd watch'em a little closer next time.

Bill K.

Grown Ups Too !

This response submitted by Tim McLagan on 03/16/2004 at 08:02. ( tim@mclaganstaxidermy.com )

Just did a booth in my local sportsman show, in Central Oregon.
I had a Bengal Tiger attacking an Axis deer, running throuh a jungle scene.Both lifesize. A fella walked right up and started petting the Bengal, with both hands, when his little boy grabbed his shirt tail and said" Dad Read The Sign" "Please do not touch". CLASSIC, Tim

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