Minnesota Show

Submitted by young fart on 03/15/2004 at 22:50. ( )

Does anyone have any specific information on the Minnesota Show coming up this weekend?

I've been told it starts on Friday by one person and Thursday by another. I've called the contact name on the conventions page and didn't get a definite answer either.

I know it is at Breezy Point Resort near Brainard. If anyone can tell me when it starts and what the deadline is for entering competition pieces is I'd really appreciate it.


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Show info

This response submitted by Denise on 03/16/2004 at 08:38. ( )

You can begin registering mounts Thursday night 6-8pm or 9-noon Friday. The seminars begin Friday at 9am. If you'd like any more info let me know!


This response submitted by You on 03/16/2004 at 09:46. ( )


Minnesota Show

This response submitted by sandy on 03/16/2004 at 10:19. ( sandrica@mail.com )

can anyone tell me the location in Brainerd and times, etc? Is this open to the public to view?

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