to JL

Submitted by yasmine on 03/16/2004 at 08:13. ( )

hi !
thanks for your precious answers
well, don't you have at home a book that mentions these flex eyes? if you have could you give me the sentence on which this sentence appears
you understand i'm making a glossary and i have to have some quotations to represent my words
and thanks for havong talked about flex eyes ! one more word in my glossary :)
bye and sorry i have to contact you here coz the mail doesnt work

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Flex eyes...

This response submitted by JL on 03/16/2004 at 18:40. ( )

(My definition)... are flexible, plastic eyes whose image area is printed and formed to the required shape. They are an economical replacement for a glass eye but lack the luster and brilliance found in glass eyes. Hope this helps you....JL

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