Anyone else have an alergic reaction to.....

Submitted by John on 03/16/2004 at 13:36. ( )

Derma Grip. My employee seems to be having a reaction to something in my shop. It appeared at about the time we switched to derma grip adhesive. Little bumps appeared on his hands and forearms. A few on his face. They don't itch just and seem to be going away now that we are done with the first batch of deer. He's gonna wait till it clears up then do another mount to see if he has a reaction than we will know if that's it. Any input would be appreciated. John

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This response submitted by Paul C on 03/16/2004 at 14:58. ( )

I SWITCHED to Derma Grip because my skin is so sensitive I break out with just about anything. I've used it for two years now with no problem. I have excema that is normally latent until I come in contact with something and then it flares up. Have him quit getting it on his hands--use a stiff brush to apply it or switch to one of the other Premium glues. For what its worth, I used Buckeye Supreme for a long time and only occasionally had flare ups with that.
If he's getting a rash all over it sounds like a histamine reaction. He is probably allergic to something in the glue or something else he's coming in contact with--mold, perhaps?


This response submitted by wetnwild on 03/16/2004 at 15:24. ( )

Paul, if he starts to get an irratation in the same area as the post before yours entitled Allergic Reaction, you have a problem LOL LOL


This response submitted by Paul C on 03/16/2004 at 16:36. ( )

I was going to respond to that one but my sarcastic side kept coming out and its really not funny. That sounds like a histamine reaction too since rashes typically surface in the softest tissue areas of the body--ie. groin, arm pit, soles of the feet, etc.
An antihistamine like Benadryl will clear it quickly. Be sure to take the absolute maximum dose for your first dose.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 03/16/2004 at 16:50. ( )

Go see the other allergic reaction post thats posted today. Get ready for a finger wagging from me, though.

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