Allergic Reaction

Submitted by Tommy on 03/16/2004 at 13:56. ( )

Has anyone ever had a reaction to apoxy sculpt? I'm not 100% sure if thats what it is but it seems a couple of days after I work with it my groin area really itches(I'm not trying to be funny)for about three days. There not a rash or any kind of skin iritation that I can find. Is this something that someone else has encountered. I do not wear gloves when I work with it. Thanks.

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This response submitted by marty on 03/16/2004 at 14:20. ( )

...Hmmmm, what are you doing with your hands AFTER you touch the epoxy?

Never heard of this one. My hands do get irritated with all epoxies. Use non-powdered latex or nitrile gloves and that should resolve any problems with allergic reactions.

If the crotch still itches, you may wish to consult a doctor...

I have been

This response submitted by Chuck on 03/16/2004 at 14:25. ( )

using it for years without gloves with no problems. But I never put it on my groin area sorry for that remark but I couldn't help it.

i have

This response submitted by maxwell on 03/16/2004 at 14:29. ( )

a serious reaction to it but it affects my face and hands. I had to quit using it.

Yes it is possible

This response submitted by Randy on 03/16/2004 at 15:04. ( )

Don't kid around with alergic reactions as they can be deadly. Yes it is possible to be alergic to almost anything and itching in the groin area is a for sure danger sign. Typical places to get "hives" or itching as a result from alergic reactions can be anywhere on the body regardless if your touching the area or not, typical places to itch are the grion, hands, feet, abdomen and face. I highly suggest you use gloves from now on or use a different product. I almost died from an alergic reaction, but not from an epoxy. Be very carefull and if it happens again, go see the doctor.

What would be?

This response submitted by Tommy on 03/16/2004 at 15:10. ( )

What would be good alternative? It also effects between my fingers and around my nose but not as bad as the groin area.


This response submitted by Lance on 03/16/2004 at 15:46. ( )

I like the Kwik-N-Eze tanning oil but when I stretch the cape with my arms before putting it on the arms will start itching pretty quickly. I simply rinse them and it stops. I just started trying McKenzie's tan and it doesn't seem to irritate my skin. Lance

GLOVES, I know many taxiderist who have developed allergies

This response submitted by John C on 03/16/2004 at 15:54. ( )

I know there are a lot of taxi. that have developed reactions to epoxies. Nitril(sp) gloves are your best defense.

Once you have developed the reaction, it will only get worse with each exposure.

You have two choices, use gloves or stop doing taxidermy.

Absolutely always use GLOVES

This response submitted by duckfeathers on 03/16/2004 at 16:03. ( )

Your body absorbs the elements through the pores of your skin. I had some serious problems with my hands and traced it to apoxie sculp which I used to putty with water. It took about 3 months to figure this out by testing. I never used gloves. It took a lot of years for this to develope but once the rash and skin cracking started it just kept coming. Today I cannot do anything with out gloves. The best advice I can give you is to check all of the available gloves being sold today and find a type you can work with.I still use Apoxy Sculp.

The Magid Glove and Safety Co. had the best selection and prices that I found. The nylon HiFlex are my favorite. (

As for the rash. A prescription for a steroidal cream will make it go away. Take care.

here we go

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 03/16/2004 at 16:48. ( )

Im just going to come right out and say it. Are some of you people this ignorant on purpose? USE the friggin' GLOVES! Did you, like, need a HINT? Come on, I dont care if you are very young, or ( fill in the blank). So many of us have been preaching in here for years to wear gloves, wear respirators, etc. These epoxies and most other chemicals are very hazardous to you. You absorb this stuff into your bodies. Touch it with your hands, and it ends up in your liver, etc. Ask Richard Christoforo how many years he couldnt even shake hands with someone because of it. Dermititis, reactions, all that stuff. It absolutely blows my mind that this question could be asked in this day and age, given the warnings and the shot at common sense. Tommy, an alternative? Yikes! Lance, I know of another guy who had the same thing as you with the tans. He was reacting from leaning his arms on them while still wet.

I know someone will whimper because I came on a tad bit hard here, but for cripes sake, this is crazy! Gloves are kinda inconvenient sometimes, but cracked skin and bleeding hands are too. Tommy, I wouldnt put a steroid based cream on your groin unless you see a doctor first. I know for a FACT that it stresses the skin there and causes tears and adhesion scars similar to "pregnancy stretch marks".

Personally, I like the Nitrile gloves, those are the blue non-latex gloves. You get used to them pretty easily. Look, you guys can all be pissed off at me for saying all this, but wear the gloves and wise up while youre mad at me, ok?

I'm an expert

This response submitted by Dan on 03/16/2004 at 16:58. ( Hasslehut )

I've had atopic dermititis, aka,contact Dermatitis aka, eczema, for 25 years, and yes you can have a reaction to it, wear rubber gloves and wash your hand with warm soapy water after using it! This applies to many other things you may be using in this industry, trust me, when your resistance breaks down from continued contact you'll be in a world of hurt!

Bill Yox

This response submitted by Tommy on 03/16/2004 at 17:41. ( )

I appreciate your response but I have not been doing Taxidermy for very long. The person I learned the trade from did not explain this to me. So I guess this is a learning experience. Bill Yox I have lost all respect for you as being a professional, I asked a simple question for someone who is trying to learn and got a jackass response from you. I think if I knew to wear them I would but I guess I'm supposed to know everything like you.

Too funny

This response submitted by Wally on 03/16/2004 at 19:10. ( )

Now ya did it Bill..I got yelled to this week for being crabby>>LOL
So I wasnt going to the MN show but now I will just so I can buy ya a drink...I think Bill got un nerved by the fatc that Tommy if your haveing a problem then STOP..I couldnt use lQ paints for years huge blisters and such..But I now figured to wear a mask and gloves and even the hand protectant cream on my arms and Im back in the easy painting again..
See now ya did it Bill,Geeeeeeeeeeeeeze..LOL

Another product is out there you might try

This response submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 03/16/2004 at 19:31. ( )

Unfortunately, I don't know what it is called, but I did see it in one (or more) of my supplier catalogs as being advertised for people with sensitive skin, safe to use without gloves, etc.

Wish I could remember the name of it...sorry!

Another product is out there you might try

This response submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 03/16/2004 at 19:35. ( )

Unfortunately, I don't know what it is called, but I did see it in one (or more) of my supplier catalogs as being advertised for people with sensitive skin, safe to use without gloves, etc.

Wish I could remember the name of it...sorry!

thats reeeaaaallll good, tommy

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 03/16/2004 at 21:37. ( )

Its not YOUR fault you dont use your head, its the guy who taught you! Thats why I yelled at you. Unless you are less than 8 years old, Im right on the money. An 8 year old would know that if his balls started burning then something aint right. Also, you are full of crap. You know why? Reread your post, Einstein. You yourself VOLUNTEERED that you didnt wear gloves...if you didnt know you were supposed to, then why did you mention that you didnt? See, Id rather give you hell like this so that you use the gloves before you go through what some of us did. If that hurt your pride, so be it. Blame it on me, your teacher, hell, maybe its the fault of the manufacturer of the product, I dont care. I just care enough about ALL of you guys trying taxidermy for the first time or the 100th time, to warn you. If that means you get your hands slapped in here by me, so be it. Wait till you see what happens next to your body without taking precautions...ask your doctor what people who are sensitive to these chemicals have when they inhale it...

Bill Yox

This response submitted by Tommy on 03/16/2004 at 22:00. ( )

I was looking on the Apoxie Sculpt jar and it says it is non toxic, Thats why I did not wear gloves.


This response submitted by scott on 03/16/2004 at 22:29. ( )

I feel Bill is in the right for cussing you out.If he didn't care he wouldn't have done so.Just take his advice and learn from it.If you go out and mow your lawn and have allergies,well your mower doesn't say to wear a respirator because the dust it creates can flare up your allergies.Some people react differently to products than others.I anytime working with acids,tans,etc wear gloves.

Whats really funny

This response submitted by MarkV. on 03/16/2004 at 22:56. ( )

Whats really funny is I got my allergic reaction to the damn gloves. I have been on medicine for almost two weeks because I had a reaction to latex. My fingers kept splitting and bleeding and cracking. I too wear gloves for most everything except epoxy work and I use apoxie sculpt and have never had a problem with it. How the heck you gonna get it smooth with gloves on? Yeah right LOL.I figure sooner or later this trades gonna kill me and probably will. Never had a problem with all the nasty crap we used to use like like Phenol,formic acid,edolin U its the latex gloves and apoxie LOL.Wearing gloves is like wearing a condom it just has to be done or you accept the consequences. Good luck guys,Mark

peanuts are non-toxic too!

This response submitted by r stanton on 03/17/2004 at 01:01. ( )

good lord man use your brain! non-toxic mean it might not kill you, no more...

Mark and others...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 03/17/2004 at 02:26. ( )

So its not hurting you, eh? When did you get that latest liver scan? Have those fat deposits analysis done? Assume the worst, guys. I can smooth epoxies with Nitrile gloves on as good as bare fingered. Lets see if you guys do any of these things...

Can you smell the bondo in your shop anymore? You cant, can you. Yet a friend comes in and says "Whew, that stuffs strong!" And you say, "I cant smell it!" How about when you spill paint on your fingers? How about when you use acetone or thinner on them to clean the paint off? Mixing two part foam without a respirator? Surely you are familiar with styrenes. Hey, thats just a few everyday threats. Be careful, Marko, stay healthy!

besides allergies

This response submitted by michael sestak on 03/17/2004 at 17:21. ( )

another reason to wear gloves would be because of all the diseases you can catch from the different animals we handle, anyone ever hear of rabies.
how many fox and coon do you do in a year? do you wear gloves when the body fluids start to leak out ?....why not wear them from the start. do you use gloves when working on fish ? why ? because they leave your hands all smelly.
Bill Yox is right, a lot of this stuff doesnt seem to hurt you at all, then all of a sudden one day you dont feel to good and go to the doctor for a check up.
some tests are done, then comes the bad news, then the worse news, then the advice that this would or could have been prevented with the use of gloves and a respirator.
would you rather see your children grow up and get married or have them help bury you ?
your choice......
get the heads outta that hole and put the gloves on.

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