Jesus Loved to Eat Fish, PETA folks!

Submitted by 458okie on 03/18/2004 at 13:41. ( )

I like how Jesus turned over a few tables when He got pissed off at certain ideologies in His day! And I'm sure His eyes roll today with the stupidity of PETA! After reading some PETA-friendly postings here lately, its my turn to flip a few:

Ironic, isn't it, that Jesus himself enjoyed the occasional fish fry at the beach and chose fishermen for disciples! In fact, the Bible records that he helped them catch fish (their business & means of livelihood) by helping them fill their nets to the breaking point!

Once, when his disciples asked him about taxes, Jesus told them to catch a fish and it had a coin in it's mouth. I have a feeling it was not "catch and release" either!

Jesus also MULTIPIED loaves AND fish to feed the large multitude! He didn't reprimand the little boy with his sack lunch for having fish for a simple meal!

After His resurrection, part of His illustration to His followers that He was alive and not a ghost was eating by eating fish!

Jesus created fish and ate fish! I thank Him every time I fry up some crappie or bass and--MMMMMMmmmmmmm--WALLEYE!

Chew on that, you bleeding heart, misguided PETA folks!

Heck, I'm gonna cut and cure some deer jerky this weekend: Teriaki flavor, I think, so I have a snack while mounting my next commercial deer!

-Jeff "458okie" W.

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And not only that,...

This response submitted by Jeff Acord on 03/18/2004 at 14:54. ( )

but our Lord appeared to Abraham and Abraham made Him and the two angels accompanying Him a big beef dinner. You can read about that in Genesis.

The first death of an animal

This response submitted by DaveT on 03/19/2004 at 14:07. ( )

was by God, remember he made Adam and Eve clothes made of animal skins.


People Eating Tasty Animals !

This response submitted by Rob on 03/28/2004 at 21:21. ( )

People Eating Tasty Animals ! are the only kind of PETA people I will associate with

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