Randy D. why don't you do workshops or start a school?

Submitted by Cecil on 03/18/2004 at 22:24. ( )

I'm getting students down here in Indiana that want one one one instruction. One just attended a school for just a day (won't mention the name) that had 30 to 40 students for two instructors. He said it was terrible and now he's coming to me for two weeks.

With your reputation and some good advertising you should keep busy as long as your prices are within line of other schools, workshops etc.

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Work shop or school

This response submitted by Randy D. on 03/18/2004 at 23:03. ( )

Hi Cecil
I tryed last year and what I wanted to charge was too much most every one said. I researched this for a while and When I told my insurance company what I wanted to do. It was going to cost a lot to have a person come to my business and learn from me and I can not take a chance to be sued for neglence. A person could for instence be allergect to something in the work area or could get injured. I dont know how some of the other people do this training at the prices they charge. I know everyone charges different prices but I know what I needed to charge to make a wage and a profet. I also have done some judging at a lot of shows and that dont pay much either. I have been asked to do somemore seminars or judging but have said no because most of the assoations dont pay enough to make a wage plus a profett. I cannot work 14hrs a day for 8hrs pay anymore Iam getting a little old for that anymore. But if you know of an Insurance Company that would insure a workshop or class room for training at a reasonable rate please let me know? I will have to realocate somewhere soon before I go into my savings to sirvive. After 30 years in the business I did manage to put a little away. But it wont take long to go threw it. RandyD. Sorry about my short hand also.

Randy, I think you are worrying too much

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/18/2004 at 23:24. ( )

about the liability. I am using the same Insurance policy for my students as I do for customers that come in. My goodness what can really happen? How dangerous is the skinning, mounting, and painting of fish anyway? The odds of someone getting hurt are low and the odds that you will get someone that will sue are even lower.

I teach only one on one and work on customer work at the same time I am teaching a student. If I a showing him or her the skinning of fish I will be skinning out my customer fish at the same time he is working on his or her fish. If I am showing him the carving of bodies I am carving a customer body at the same time. That way I kill two birds with one stone. I am still getting work done and being paid to teach at the same time.

Case in point about worrying about liabilty. I have several ponds on the property and will be putting in two more for my fish supply business to taxidermists. It's possible a kid could wander in and drown and I could get sued. But will I allow that worry to stop my dream? NO way. No matter what I do I would still be liable.


This response submitted by Randy D. on 03/18/2004 at 23:49. ( )

Everyone is different. I have public liblity and a comerical building and a big show room. But I have a work area also and the public is not covered if they go back there with my permision. I need a seprate insurance coverage for this. Also did you ever try to collect from an insurance claim. Espically a big one if someone does get hurt. I can not give up every thing I have worked for. It took me 30 years of hard work. Yes I can get covered but very expensive. I feel you should check with your insurance coverage and have an attorney look at it to make sure you are covered or just take the risk but I cannot. Randy

Just have them sign a waiver...

This response submitted by marty on 03/19/2004 at 11:09. ( )

relinquishing you of any and all responsibility if something were to happen.

I realize that they could still slap a lawsuit on you. But, this should deter them.

Then, just eliminate any potentially hazardous tasks. Don't let them use the band saw (for instance). Make them carve their fish bodies with a hand saw.

Remember, they have to PROVE negligence. And if you take every step possible to prevent any accidents from happening. Then I think it would be pretty tough to prove any wrongdoing on your part.

You could always put most everything in your wife's (or kids) names too. Separating yourself from your possessions. That way, they'd have nothing (or very little) to gain from a lawsuit...

consider incorporating

This response submitted by r stanton on 03/19/2004 at 16:39. ( )

then that should limit your liability.
go bankrupt every time you get sued.
let's face it-- the crooks who make the big money do it this way and we need to get with their program if we wish to prosper in business

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