Submitted by just curious on 03/19/2004 at 15:12. ( )

Yasmine, how old are you? I don't intend to be mean or anything, I was just wondering why you are having so many problems with panels or bases. I suggest that you look at or even better yet get you some taxidermy supply catalogs and look at the pictures in there for panels and bases and maybe they can explain the difference.Basically they are the same thing just used different ways...

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This response submitted by George on 03/19/2004 at 18:23. ( georoof@aol.com )

If you go to the archives, you'll find that Yasmine is from FRANCE and aside from the fact that WE don't speak English well, I suspect when she translates it, that doesn't do her much better.

sorry guys

This response submitted by ryan on 03/19/2004 at 18:44. ( )

yasmine emailed me a few months ago and said she{or he} i dont know, was doing a paper or somthing on taxidermy for college or somthing, so i told her to come here and find everything you need to know

Can't Wait...

This response submitted by . on 03/19/2004 at 19:21. ( )

till she gets to DP.

Let me help her out

This response submitted by Alan on 03/19/2004 at 20:45. ( )

What is D.P.? Is it similar to T.P.? Some of you guys are something else. I was a beginner once & I still have alot to learn, & I asked some questions that others thought stupid. But the fact is "the only stupid question, is the one that did'nt get asked". I am not saying Im perfect, or better than you cause I'm not. Some of you self righteous jokers need to take a look in the mirror. Ive read some comments that were totally uncalled for(mainly the racists comments).
I know some of you give very freely of your time to these forums & it can get agrevating to be asked the same question over & over. I understand how it feels to be asked questions that seem stupid. I spent 3 years as a Drill Sergeant where my patience level was tested to the max. But, looking back they did'nt know any better. I have also seen both sides of being verbally challenged. I have had soldiers that couldnt speak English that well. I have been to other countries where I had a tough time communicating. We (the English speaking people) are the ones that have it easy, because, no matter where you go in the world you can usually find someone that speaks english. I am not trying to beat everybody up, "if the shoe fits, wear it."

Brovo Alan

This response submitted by Tenbears on 03/19/2004 at 21:10. ( )

If you go back to the archives you will see that at one time Yasmine Said he/she was developing some sort of dictionary for a school project. That was to contain Taxidermy terms, and their definitions. And that he/she was from a foreign country. I can understand some people thinking yasmine's posts to be Drivel. If you do not care to participate in them, Don't! But for God sake. leave the kid alone. Show some hospitality. or just ignore them.

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