Saftey issues and concerns

Submitted by JOhn C on 03/19/2004 at 16:08. ( )

After reading Bills post and lmao, maybe its time to do just a post on SAFETY.

Without going into deep details, I invite you to list things from your shop that can be dangerous.

Water based paints, while they dont not smell bad still can collect in your lungs and cause several life threatening situations.

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Bad Bad Bad

This response submitted by Old Man on 03/19/2004 at 16:14. ( )

Razor blades are bad because you could cut your tongue while sucking on them. I gotta quit huffin fish paint!


This response submitted by wetnwild on 03/19/2004 at 16:19. ( )

Holding a live pygmy rattler for refrence, while paining a casted one, is not a good idea! The bumble bee like sound of the rattles is very unnerving, when you place it under your arm to reach for another paint cup LOL

When you're readjusting your mounting stand....

This response submitted by Bill K. on 03/19/2004 at 18:13. ( )

.... don't hold the brad nailer between your legs.

you think paint in the LUNGS is bad...

This response submitted by Griz on 03/19/2004 at 18:47. ( )

Always labels the styrofoam cups you put your paint into, cause coffee colored paint- really is the color of coffee.

Remove ALL the super glue from your hands....

This response submitted by Bill K. on 03/19/2004 at 19:08. ( see above )

... before you go pee.

heads up

This response submitted by ken on 03/19/2004 at 19:47. ( )

hang your mounts that are drying just a littel higher boy that smarts on the head.

dang BillG

This response submitted by DaveT on 03/19/2004 at 20:11. ( )

I hope you do not have anyone working for you LOL


Remove antlers from work stool

This response submitted by Tenbears on 03/19/2004 at 21:00. ( )

Before sitting down

dont use

This response submitted by michael sestak on 03/19/2004 at 22:30. ( )

your air brush during a thunder & lightning storm.....
i did, cause those things never happen to me.
well at 1:00 a.m. lighting hit the power line behind the house "KABOOM" the lights flickered then blew out, lost the phone lines, shorted the garage door openers, i did a modified rain dance or something like an epilleptic seizure but i didnt drop the damn brush...
the power surge took a different route and never touched me...but i touched my pants..just to see if i had to change them...


This response submitted by michael sestak on 03/19/2004 at 22:32. ( )

two part liquid foam away from jeff kuhn, especially if he is using it to fill holes :)

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